PS4: Spotify App stuck on black screen when attempting to open

PS4: Spotify App stuck on black screen when attempting to open

So, here's my problem. When I try to launch Spotify on my PS4 the app initially tries to load, gets stuck on a black screen with the spotify logo then throws a communication error message and won't start.


Prior to this issue I had a Spotify account linked to facebook which was signed into the PS4 too, and worked fine. I cancelled the account linked to facebook and signed out everywhere from the desktop app. I then opened an account with Spotify under my email address instead. The PS4 login issue appears to coincide with this accout type switch.


What I've tried:

  • Signing out everywhere again
  • Signing out of my PS ID on the PS4
  • Removing and re-adding the spotify app from my PS4
  • Changing the language of the PS4 (apparently this sometimes caused an issue)
  • Formatting the entire HDD of the PS4 and starting from scratch
  • Tethering the PS4 to my phones hotspot

I'm convinced it's an issue with my account, rather than a hardware problem. But I'm out of ideas. Any help would be awesome.


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Have you tried unlinking Spotify and PSN accounts ? It shall be possible to do by going here

If that does not work you can contact PlayStation or Spotify support.



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