Really loud adds / commercials

Really loud adds / commercials

Since few weeks some commercial adds got really, really loud, comparing to the music. As I'm usually listen to music while not sitting straight before PC it gets really freaking annoying.


I hope this is just oversight not intentional forcing me to pay for premium. I was using premium for few months, but I don't like the idea of being forced to pay this way.


Hope to get this fixed.

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I have the same issue, usually with "Digister Hits" ads by Universal music. When you are listening on headphones you have to rip them off pretty quick, what damaged will it do to your ears I dread to think. There are legal limits set to protect people from excessive and sudden changes in volume, to prevent deafness, I'm sure that this is being violated, certainly here in the UK.


Who do I send the bill to for damamged hearing ?

Seriously these crazy loud addvertisments have to stop.  I listen on earphones while at work and the darn advertisment comes on and it feels like I am having my ear drums kicked in.  Please don't go the TV route and have adverts play at annoying levels.  I rip out the earphones and don't listen to them because of the ridiculous volume which they are set too. F.

I agree the adverts are randomly far too loud.  I have to rush to the volume and turn it right down. I listen with a group of people. Then we dont here the advert, then I forget to turn it back up. Then we work in silence for the afternoon.  How is that a win for Spotify or the advertisers. Just play interesting ads at a reasonable volume!

The adds are turning me off spotify and I am about to return to listening to music on youtube if not rectified soon. If this is some scare tactic to get me to go back to premium it is backfiring on you spitafy.

Hey everyone!


Thanks for posting about this in the Community.


We have a separate thread where we are collecting reports of loud ads from users and passing them on to the right teams.


Make sure to head here and leave the following information in the thread:

  • Your Country: 
  • Device the ad appeared on:
  • Operating system:
  • Exact Spotify app version:

  • Is it a visual or audio ad?

  • Name of ad:

  • Rough time/date you heard the advert:


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