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Samsung Galaxy Watch - Wifi (do I need Premium?)

Samsung Galaxy Watch - Wifi (do I need Premium?)






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 I just received a Galaxy Watch over the Christmas and I am new to Spotify.  I have downloaded both iHeart Radio and Spotify on my Galaxy Watch.  I want to be able to use my watch for a radio at the gym (where there is wifi).  


If I use iHeartRadio, the watch is just a controller where the program is still playing on my phone...which means I need to keep my phone on me in the gym (don't want that).


I've gone through the message boards and I tried turning airplane mode for my phone on...and I do connect to my wifi.  But when I tried using Spotify (free account) and every time I log into Spotify, it gives me the message, "Get Premium. To unlock all of Spotify, upgrde to Premium on your phone" - "Upgrade".


I cannot get by this screen.  So is there a way I can use Spotify on my Galaxy Watch WITHOUT upgrading my account to Premium?  My goal is to simply use wifi seperately and listen to music during this possible or do I need premium?



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Have you been able to resolve this issue?  I would like to do the same thing.  Keeps asking me to upgrade to Premium.  Seems like if you have an LTE or WIFI connection you should be able to stream via Free Spotify.  

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