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Samsung Galaxy Watch - Wifi (do I need Premium?)






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 I just received a Galaxy Watch over the Christmas and I am new to Spotify.  I have downloaded both iHeart Radio and Spotify on my Galaxy Watch.  I want to be able to use my watch for a radio at the gym (where there is wifi).  


If I use iHeartRadio, the watch is just a controller where the program is still playing on my phone...which means I need to keep my phone on me in the gym (don't want that).


I've gone through the message boards and I tried turning airplane mode for my phone on...and I do connect to my wifi.  But when I tried using Spotify (free account) and every time I log into Spotify, it gives me the message, "Get Premium. To unlock all of Spotify, upgrde to Premium on your phone" - "Upgrade".


I cannot get by this screen.  So is there a way I can use Spotify on my Galaxy Watch WITHOUT upgrading my account to Premium?  My goal is to simply use wifi seperately and listen to music during this possible or do I need premium?



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