Spotify Homepage customization/ remove podcasts


Spotify Homepage customization/ remove podcasts

  1. I never listen to podcasts on spotify, as I find them a waste of time (personal preference, other opinions may vary).

I might get a link from someone to listen to a bit ,but that does not mean I want to continue it, listen to similar ones or anything related to podcasts.

So I would like to have the ability to control the kind of content I am being served.

And just to make things clear, I am not proposing this idea, I am actively requesting it.

As a paying user, I want to have the freedom to enjoy content without being spammed with irrelevant and stupid BS.

The question is: can Spotify provide this, or should I find another streaming platform to subscribe to?

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Please give us the option to opt out of podcasts. I don't listen to podcasts. I pay to listen to music. Right now I have the Joe Rogan Experience forcing relevant content out of the way. Stop trying to force me to listen to Podcasts.

Music Fan

All Spotify need to do is to allow users to easily curate and remove stuff from the Home screen that is irrelevant or of no interest. It's gotten worse recently. I don't listen to podcasts (or 'Shows' as they now seem to be called) but they're right there top and centre on the Home screen. Waste of space.   The stuff under 'Good Morning' is also at least 70% irrelevant to me.


It's remarkable that after so long and so many pleas from users for the ability to remove irrelevant stuff from the Home screen that this STILL isn't an option.  I'd also really like an easy way to see everything I've played in reverse chrono order, filtering by week or month etc but this isn't a thing either.


Unfortunately most other streaming services are equally sh*t in this regard and Spotify already have most of the market so I guess they don't care.

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Please let us remove sections or at least move the Items on th Home screen in a relevant order. The podcast section shown on first page is annoying af. And the german translation "Stimulate your Soul" is wrong on so many levels. Only stimulus I got by now is: I hate this app. 

Music Fan

We're shouting into the void unfortunately.  The irony is that I just end listening to the same artists mostly because it's easier than trying to find my way through all the irrelevant sh*t.  Spotify is a great example of how you can become a market leader even with a pretty cruddy product.  For example, if you've ever experienced what Roon does with music curation, information and artist bios it makes Spotify look like utter garbage.

Casual Listener

People have been complaining just on this forum about inability to modify home screen for at least 4 years (rejected) and about podcasts specifically for almost 2 years (still "live" - I am not holding my breath though).  Both common sense features that would take hours to implement and days to test out/deploy.

After watching yesterday's Daily Show I am starting to suspect this is not because there would be that much interest in podcasts but because making customers listen to podcasts on the same platform they listen to music is just another way how to  further dilute the money that Spotify actually has to pay to the musicians. How despicable of you Spotify 😞


i have same problem too. i dont wanna see podcats on my home page ! even im not following but still there new episodes on my home page. please give us the option to opt out of podcasts!


Hey folks, 


Thanks for your messages. Apologies for the delayed response, we just came across this thread. 


We understand where you're coming from, and other users also think it would be a good idea to be able to customize their Home screen.


We'd suggest adding your +VOTE and subscribing to this thread if it's something you would like to see too. That way you can stay up-to-date with any relevant news about this. Keep in mind that it's Status doesn't mean it won't be implemented, as the right teams are always looking into these ideas.


We appreciate your feedback regarding this, and will make sure to pass it on to the right folks as we always strive to improve our users' experience. 


The Community will be here for you if anything else comes up. 

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please add this as a priority soon, i'm sick of all the 2020 wokeness in my feed. i'm using spotify to listen to music i enjoy, not listen to talking heads.