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VIZIO Smartcast only playing one song at a time

VIZIO Smartcast only playing one song at a time

Hello! I have Spotify Premium if it matters.


When casting songs to my new VIZIO smart TV with my phone or desktops I generally have no issues except that it will never play another song unless I select one. So, if I'm in a playlist, album, or even on the queue, it will never autoplay the next song. This is really annoying! Is this a problem on my end, or is this just not a feature?

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I have the aame issue. It is extremely annoying.

I am getting NO help from reading any of this. Pandora works fine - getting tired of this - SPOTIFY - FIX IT ! ! !

Just bought this TV yesterday and having the same problem. I also have premium. Not sure if this is a vizio or spotify problem but very frustrating 

I have the same problem. This has been going on for some time now, I expected an uodate for this months ago.

SPOTIFY - you need to fix this issue with vizio asap. i am a very **bleep** off customer as i pay for this monthly and it should have been fixed months ago. what is going on?

Worse yet - Each vendor says its the other vendors issue, so NOBODY is
addressing it.

Annoying! No solution yet? 

Please fix this someone!


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