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Volume changes without reason - Web Player

Volume changes without reason - Web Player

Hello everybody,

since some days I have a problem with the web application.

After some minutes playing my playlist, the volume control changes the volume for no reason. Sometimes it's get louder, sometimes quieter.

I use the Microsoft Edge browser to open the web player. Unfortunately I can't use the desktop application in my company, so I have to use the web player.

I hope somebody can help me. I would be happy if I got an answer,

With friendly regards, Malte S.

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Has noboby an idea? 😞

I would check this link out  the third solution is probably the one you would want to try.

I have a similar issue where the web player will systematically revert to about a quarter of the volume a few seconds after I change the slider.  I used both Edge and IE with the same results.  Also tried to control the volume through my cell phone while playing through the PC browser .  Again, no help.

 Duh, deleted the cookies and solved the issue. 

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