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Web Player: How to disable and revert back to URL?


Web Player: How to disable and revert back to URL?

Hi all,


I recently cancelld my premium subscription, and since then I've been suffering from a new UI for the spotify web player. This UI sucks to say the least. It also opens URLs through "" instead of "" and whenever I try to go to play.spotify - I'm redirected to open.spotify. 


The reason I hate open.spotify is because there are an insane amount of limitations here. There is no way for me to access web player settings even. I've attached screenshots of my account page and the brose page respectively. 


I've also noticed that this is only a problem on Chrome. I tried on IE and it worked just fine when I went to This problem has persisted across several computers, and I've observed the same computers going to on different accounts. It's literally restricted to my account on Google Chrome. 


Any help reverting back to is much appreciated.


Thank you. Spotify Account.PNGSpotify Browse.PNG


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Time to ditch my premium membership. With the Spotify desktop app having issues opening often and this downgraded webplayer, what is the purpose of paying for a service that I am not receiving? 

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Alright, that's it. I was pissed off when they forced the new player on us, which is a terrible UI that's unfit for desktops and doesn't even show partial albums (when you have some songs from an album, but not the whole album saved) under "Albums", but I was willing to stick around as long as the User Agent trick worked to get the old player back. Now that this method has been killed, I'm never using Spotify again.

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Hey @alexpoles, welcome to the Community! 


Go to [ ] - Play URLs in desktop app. Check it if you want to direct URLs to the desktop app, and uncheck it if you want to listen in web player : )

MartinStoichkovSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I want to listen in the web player for the most part. I use several public computers where I do not have the desktop app downloaded.


My issue is that I have no way to access in Google Chrome. If I attempt to go to the link you specified, then I am immediately redirected back to .

At this URL, I'm unable to access any settings. It just showns me my first image in my initial post. 

Okay, lets try this:

  • Did you have AdBlock? If so make sure to disable it. 
  • Try to delete the cookies and the cashe from Chrome
  • Log out from Web Player in Chrome and try to change the settings trough different browser then log back in Chrome and see if its working 

If none of the above helping you, I`m sure this issue/bug is still investigating. 

You can contact spotify support, for more information about whats happening with the new web player version.


MartinStoichkovSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

@alexpoles hey back, sorry for the delay, but I forgot to suggest you that: Just uncheck it in you case. Then every track should open from the web. Give it a try 🙂 



MartinStoichkovSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I also have this issue. Didn't cancel premium or change any settings.


Automatically redirected to (which sucks)



Is this a new "feature" for everyone?

Really would be nice to get a solution to this.


This version of the web player is extremely stripped down and I have no interest in installing the desktop app.

Came back to this after a few weeks and it appears there is still no solution. And to top that off, it appears that the open.spotify url has gotten even worse - I can't even add songs to playlists or click the elipses of any song anymore. This is ridiculous that this version of the web player would even have been created. 

Hey guys, I`m sorry that you`re experiencing troubles, but as this version of the web player is still not official and in that way can be unstable within different browsers or in different operating systems, so its out of my hands to provide you any further help about this. You can try to run it on incognito mode. 

Anyway the best I can suggest, is to post in Ongoing Issues board, Spotify staff review this issues frequently, and they can assist you further about questions for the new version of the web player!  

Be sure to post information about Your Device / OS / Version of the player. 


I hope everything will be fine soon!

MartinStoichkovSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Same problem, this is ridiculous.  I can't use the App at work.


**thinks more about returning to Google Play**

Yeah, also rather frustrated at the new open.spotify interface and feature set. It doesn't remember volume settings either which I find rather irritating.


Seems to be targeted at individual users. Play.spotify loads fine until I log in, then it boots me over to (ad blocker disabled, browsing in a fresh session).


I wonder if they are trying to steer more people towards the desktop app, where they presumably have more control over content?

Oddly, Chrome and Firefox only give me the but good ole' Internet Explorer gives me  May be worth you giving a shot...

Same here. This is really poor. Sure, it's free, but isn't the idea to drive people to premium? I'm thinking I'll just have to give up Spotify completely becuase of this. Which sucks, I reall liked but is horrendous. You can't opt out, it's just simply forces you to use the crappy version.

Same issue, I can find posts of people with the same problem everywhere going back to early december, but no working solutions yet...

Does anyone know if this problem is even known with the Spotify developers and if anyone is working on it? It's so frustrating.. 😞 I wanted to contact Spotify about it but the site does not provide contact details and just refers to the community, where the issue has been mentioned already, so I'm not sure how to bring the issue to their attention.

Any update? open.spotify is rubbish in current state and have been for two months now. Is it really a testing? How can I opt-out?

Hi Martin,

thanks for the reply. I tried your link ( but got insufficient proviledges message. Is the link correct? Maybe I have restricted access, I joined the forum an hour ago.

Nope, Spotify doens't care about their user base. My guess is they screwed people in hopes they'd go download the desktop program and/or upsell. But it's having the exact opposite effect...I'm reading about people leaving. Brilliant marketing...

Definitely not for upselling... I'm a premium member having the same issue, and am probably going to cancel because of it... 

Haha, yeah that's what I said; they seem to want you to go to their downloaded app (because is so bad) and buy upgrades but it's having the oppsite effect - people are leaving!

I'm also a premium subscriber with this issue.


I was able to get support for this through live chat but the steps they told me to follow didn't help and I didn't follow up again.


I realized that I have this issue in Chrome but not in Safari, so it's on my end and probably likewise for everyone else. Not Spotify blocking your access.


Disappointing that there is a whole thread for this and no response from Spotify. 



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