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[iOS][Podcasts] Fix sorting order of podcasts

[iOS][Podcasts] Fix sorting order of podcasts



I started listening to podcasts on Spotify and quite frankly, it has been a horrible experience because of the sort order "feature" on my episodes. I have premium so I like to download stuff offline and listen to it in the car or on my phone without Wi-Fi.


On the desktop version (Linux), I can only sort the podcast by Creator, Recently added (most recent to oldest ones) and Alphabetical.

On iOS version, I can only sort by Recently added and Release date (most recent to oldest ones).


In my opinion, one of the required sorting order of podcasts is by Release Date (oldest ones to the most recent ones). When I discover a new podcast I want to listen to, I want to start with the first episodes and finish with the most recent ones.


Some podcasts have multiple episodes linked together as they build on the previous episodes, and currently, this is not possible to listen to them in the correct order on Spotify which is quite frustrating.


Could you please fix that by adding a sorting order by release date descending and ascending?


Thank you.

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Hi @gillouche,


Sorry for the late reply, we just came by this post. Quick heads up: we've also moved it to the Help board instead as it's more relevant.

It's already possible to sort by release date both in ascending or descending order - you just have to tap Sort by date again to reverse the current order. So, if the episodes are listed in descending order (the most recent ones are showing on top), tapping Sort by date will sort them in ascending order (now the oldest episodes will be show on top).


Hope this clears things up. Cheers!

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@Yordan - WRONG... @gillouche asked about sorting in "my episodes".  You can't (still) months and months after multiple people - myself included - have reported this.

Hey there @ScottGeiger


Thanks for your post. You're absolutely correct and we apologise for the confusion here.


Since this is indeed about the Your Episodes section, you can consider adding your +VOTE to this idea, if this something you'd like to see implemented in the future. Despite its current status, you can still add your vote to it and if anything changes in the future, we'll make sure to keep everyone updated over there.


The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what our users are interested in and how many people like a certain idea. 


Check out this Spotify Answer to learn more about it. 


If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you.

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while in the [Your Episodes] playlist, if you sort by Creator (Desktop) or Show Name (Mobile) it should put your podcasts in alphabetical order, but also puts them in order by release date starting with the oldest episode (episode 1 of a new podcast for instance) and you can binge listen to shows this way, unfortunately you just have to binge your shows until your up to date then I believe ideally things SHOULD be in the order you want them, with multiple shows being in order from oldest to newest, I just learned this myself and I hope it helps you. 

Exactly this. To be honest, I moved to another app for podcasts so yeah, that's clearly an important missing feature to not be able to listen to podcasts in the right order.

@JTeku90 - sorting by "Show Name" is not an option, I only have "Recently Saved" and "Release Date".  I am on Android.


I'm on Android as well, perhaps you need to update the app or your running a different version of Spotify, I say this because clearly I have the option (see screenshot) scroll up a bit to see the sort button then one you click it you should have the 3 options I do, if not I don't know how to help beyond that, sorry.


That's strange, I don't see that.  Your screenshot looks almost identical to what I see except I don't have "Show Name" in my sort list.  I am running version - Play Store says it was updated 5 days ago.  What version are you running?

I'm running the same version as you it seems (screenshot) like I said before, if you don't have the option and we're clearly running the same version of Spotify, the only other thing I could think of is the difference in our phones, but I can't really help with anything beyond the suggestions I've already told you about, the one thing I'll leave you with is you may end up having to make your own playlist for your podcasts instead of using Spotifys built-in one, I did end up having to do that myself. Sorry I couldn't help you further.


Thanks @JTeku90 for the feedback.  One thought that just occurred to me, are you a free listener or are you subscribed to premium?

I have premium.

Well that answers that... I do not have premium.  So looks like Spotify is restricting sort options.  That seems pretty slimy/scummy IMO.  I am fine with ads and not being able to listen offline, but this just seems sleazy to me.  Guess this is just making me want less and less to do with Spotify and find a different option.

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