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Problem with Spotify and Google Home Mini - Voice Control

Problem with Spotify and Google Home Mini - Voice Control






iPhone 6, Moto X Force

Operating System

Android Nougat


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As most of people here, I'm having issues when controlling Spotify on Google Home Mini. Whenever I ask to play a song it says "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again when you're ready". 

But there's a catch, if my girlfriend tries with her voice works fine! It also works if I start playing from the phone and choose GHM as the speaker, but than if I want to skip to next or play other song doesn't work, only the pause/stop control works.

I tried unlinking the Spotify accounts and FDR. What I can't do neither on iPhone or Android phone is to re-train the Voice Match to see if that's the problem. The settings can't be saved because "couldn't retrieve setting. check your connection"

It started over a week ago and it's really bothering as this is the main command I was using.

Does someone have a solution for this?

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Hey @fredcamargo, thanks for writing!


Since you're mentioning that the commands are received by your device and Spotify when your girlfriend prompts them, it's possible that the issue might be originating from how your Google Home Mini is set right now. If you'd like, you could try reinstalling Spotify with these steps in order to refresh the link between the app and your Google Home Mini. If this doesn't work, we suggest reaching out to Google support to check why your voice commands aren't recognized by the device.


We hope this helps, have an amazing day 🙂

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