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[All Platforms][Partnership] Spotify during an exchange year

[All Platforms][Partnership] Spotify during an exchange year

I'm an exchange student and i would like to get spotify premium during the exchage, but the price should be the same as the host country. For example, i'm having the exchange in Turkey, so i should pay as a turkish, if i have the exchange in Italy i should pay as an italian. I'm having the exchange with AFS and it can be really great if you get a partnership with exchange student (sometimes i would like ti listen to music but there's no internet and spotify it's not premium)

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Hi there @filicorre,

thanks for reaching out to the Spotify community !


At the moment the Premium Student plan is offered to a subscriber studying in the same country they also live at.


This is due to the fact, payment methods should be issued in that same country and the validation process happens through SheerID with the local institutions. 


However, I believe you feedback should go through the "Ideas" section of the community for users to add their +VOTE and help you promote it.


You can learn how to post your idea correctly following the steps provided here and read all about how your feedback reaches Spotify factors here.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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