Android widget removal - has it resulted in you unsubscribing from Premium?

Android widget removal - has it resulted in you unsubscribing from Premium?

With the bizarre and illogical removal of the Android widget it seems lots of people have mentioned unsubscribing from Premium as a result.  I thought it might be interesting (and perhaps a wake-up call for Spotify) to see what an instant hit this has caused to their subscriber base and revenues.


I've cancelled mine and signed up to Tidal (which has a widget) already. Who else has cancelled or is planning to?


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I've cancelled mine, if the widget isn't restored I'll be looking at alternatives when my subscription finishes early september

I cancelled mine last night, my premium subscription will run out on the 28th, if the fix it by then I may renew it.

I'm going to give them a week and if it's not back, I'm moving back to Amazon Music Unlimited.  Spotify really only has a single feature that I value (Spotify Connect).  Everything else about their app & service was roughly on parity with other providers.  I didn't care for their app for a variety of reasons, but the widget helped mask most of that.  I use widgets for a number of apps on my phone.  Removing widget support arguably makes using Spotify a worse experience for me.  And I'm not thrilled that the release notes for the update failed to disclose this.  The update effectively uninstalled Spotify from my homescreen (by removing the widget).  If Spotify developers want to delete the service from my homescreen, then fine.  I've got 5 Amazon Echos in my house as well as an Echo Auto.  I'll just switch back to Amazon Music Unlimited (which is less expensive).

I've aleady installed Deezer and started to set up my playlists there (no missing song, so far). I have about two weeks left until next payment. If the widget is not back until then, I will leave Spotify and go to Deezer. 


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Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to reintroduce. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



I have canceled my Family-Account! R.I.P. Spotify!

I'm truly considering it. Spotify without the widget means I'm likely to start using my Amazon music Unlimited sub more regularly, or sign up for Google Play Music, and delete my Spotify account. After the change to recently played (displaying far less than it did when, in reality, they need to expand that feature rather than contract it), the inability to bookmark playlists, or even pin them, this is likely the final straw.

I've unsubscribed. I'm so tired of them taking away features, adding pointless features, and not providing a change log on the Google Play Store (which I feel like should be grounds for removal anayways; if I'm paying for your product, I deserve to know what changes you are making to it). I own well over 1000 cds and have much of it ripped and accesible via a Plex server anyways. Spotify was mostly just a source of new music suggestions, which I can easily get via other means (aka just going to shows for the bands that I like).

Sersiouly this has got to be the worst marketing decision I have seen from a company in a long time 


Yep. Going back to Google Play Music.


I already had a subscription to that for YouTube Premium, but paid for Spotify too because it had a good reputation.


I actually ran into this thread on my way into the subscription section to cancel.

Yes, I'll leave, close my premium family account, if they do not add the widget back by the end of August.
Spotify betrayed the android user.

I will give them until the end of the month. If it's not back, I'll consider it a sign of the company's contempt for me and my money (yes, I'm taking it personally). When I first signed up, Spotify offered me functionality other streaming services couldn't. But that's simply not true any more. And this move has now removed functionality that other services offer... Hey, we all left aol and myspace once upon a time. Remember yahoo? Me neither. I guess Spotify is just sick of playing the game? I can't think of why else they would do this unless they wanted to lose customers. Or unless everyone in the company is so wedded to their iphones that don't understand the widget and/or want to make sure Apple's music service gets all their business once they shutter their doors for paying no attention to their customers. 

I'm certainly considering it. I used the widget all the time - far more than what showed on the lock screen. I used to use Google Music, and I'll probably just switch my family to that instead.

Don't really understand why they have to remove widget from the app.  I will unsubscribe if they decide not to bring the widget back. Meanwhile I will try find other alternative music app. 

I just cancled my premium because of the removal of the widget.  I've paid for Spotify Premium since 9/30/15. I have been a paying customer for almost four years but Spotify keeps removing features for no reason that only hurt their product as the competion keeps getting better.  So as of 8/30/19 when my premium runs out I'm gone, time to move to prime or google.

I cancelled and tried several services. I think google play music have the songs i want, especially with Youtube music.


I'm also trying Deezer just in case.


Well I have to say I've not really looked back since moving to TIDAL.  There are a couple of functions Spotify does better but nothing I can't live without as on the whole TIDAL is far superior.  The sound quality improvement alone has been worth it.  Even with a return of the widget I won't be back.


Good luck to all those investigating other streaming services!

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