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[Community][Connect] Payment Expiration, Automatic Plan Downgrade, Clear Communication Please

[Community][Connect] Payment Expiration, Automatic Plan Downgrade, Clear Communication Please

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So, my payment expired for my family plan. I just renewed. it switched to premium. Why not back to family plan? Do I have to manually add all my members again?
I can see that the plan was closed and now you start it again, so yes you will have to share the invitation link with the members one more time please
That's disappointing. Maybe forward this inconvenience to your manager or the developers please. It's a huge hassle to reach out to everyone.
Ideally it would be great to have a seamless transfer.
Or at least a quick add option with history saved or something
I just feel like it could be improved lol. Like, maybe more warnings like "You'll have to manually re-add all your family members and you'll have to start over again if you don't update your card" but of course more PC
I feel like 3 days (at least thats what it felt like) of warnings is not a lot to take action. More grace period please and more clear communication.
Anyways, this is the very first issue I've had with Spotify and I love y'all but this hurt lol
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Hey @Itsjustkarissa!


Thanks for reaching out on the Community.


When the system is not able to process a payment your subscription is not closed immediately, there is a longer period in which we remind you to update your payment info - that can vary but it's usually longer than a week. 


We appreciate your feedback for adding more warning and keeping the family members info saved - if you'd like you can create ideas about that in the correct section of the forum.


Here you can read more on how ideas work.


We also suggest checking this help article for useful tips on how to submit an idea. 


Hope this helps!

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