If Spotify is now free, why am I being charged £9.99


If Spotify is now free, why am I being charged £9.99

I have just checked my PayPal account and have noticed £9.99 has been taken by Spotify. I have not been charged for the past couple of months and I assumed this was because Spotify is now free? I was informed of this by an ad on my laptop on Spotify. Can someone make this clear to me please?

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Did you ever subscribe to Spotify premium/unlimited? If you never canceled, that is why you are being charged. You can cancel with these steps, and if you want you can prevent anything from being charged to your paypal account with these steps, also remove your payment methods from your Spotify account. <Moderator Edit>


Hope this gets sorted for you! 🙂

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Hi there,


I too have been charged 9.99 this month, even though I cancelled my premium sub last month and recieved confirmation of this from Spotify.


Please advise?


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I have the same question.  I thought i had free spotify( Which it says that i do) but i'm getting charged... even thou my subscriptions say I'm on free spotify???  WT....

And Its been going on for a while.  I wish i could talk to someone to get this sorted out.

Please help!

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I cancel my suscriptions at least a year ago and they have just been taking my money and I'm done!!!




So I have the regular 9.99$ premium account that i pay every month. I'm only a few days late this time so I had to reenter my card details. 


The website wont let me pay for my account subscription, it only gives the options of getting the family plan or the student plan. So I tried to figure out the student plan, because I'm a second year college student, but my school isn't listen on the schools to choose from. So I decided to cancel out on that, but I still got charged the price for it. Now I can't pay my regular subscription. 


I just want the money back so I can get my account paid properly. I don't want to lose my music and money because of something that was not my errors. 




Spotify has been stealing money for over a year and i just found out because i received a call for my bank account being overdrafted and this is not the first time. My account is set to free and they have been charging me for over a year!!! I dont even recieve premium perks.


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I cancled my account in june why are you still charging my all this time please contact me ive already called my bank and registered a complaint

Spotify have done the exact same thing to me!! I'm not very happy. And they don't do anything about it when you tell them , I would love the money put back into my account but that's not going to happen.

I have been with Spotify for about a year now, not once have I had money taken out of my account because it was meant to be free?
Then all of a sudden this month Spotify took almost $20 out of my account??
Talk about **bleep** false advertisement!!

So I have unsubscribed!

I have the same problem as everybody else. I have been also charged (9.99e) and I have been a "free-user" almost half year. This is ridicilous.. I want my money back 😡


Spotify lists my subsciption as Free but I am being charged a monthly fee of $9.99. WHY????  I am not able to cancel this through the website.   I am not able to cancel this using the form because I don't have all the information necessary for the form as it requires the date you signed up for the service.  I signed up for the FREE service on 12/26/2016.  I NEVER signed up for any services that cost money.   This sounds like a run around and a class action law suit waiting to happen.  Please at least respond to my question of how to cancel this monthly subscription as soon as possible.  It would also be great customer service if you would refund the $9.99 you charged my bank account today.  Thank you!

Is there any way to get in contact wirh customer support to get the money returned if we canceled the account?

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Not that I could find

I just checked my TSB account and you took money out please refund me back immediately because Spotify account is cancelled say no money should leave my account reference number what I see in my a statement Ponccfaa7d
My name is Raymond Anderson my email address is wallback@icloud.com

I want to stop spoty, how can I do it?

Same here. I thought i cancelled my subscription its saying i have spotify free and im being charged 9.99. Last month i was charged the same. Now im checking to make sure it hasnt been going on any longer. Refund me asap


It say Im on the free vesion, How could I CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION? 😞
I need my money back.


I was and still am a student.... (who stops being a student in december?!)


i pay 4.99 a month, yet this month, you have decided my bank details were a christmas gift, and took double that, and charged me 9.99, i would like to know why? and when i will get my money back? you cant just help yourself to my bank, as i said... why would you presume i would stop being a student in december? if there was a change, i think it would be nice to be informed... before you just take money off me

I just sign up last week now i got charge 9.99$


I have been paying for the family plan for a couple of months now, my account has appeared to be free subscription. So I decided to cancel the whole plan, but my account was still drawn from. I'm paying the $15 for a month and a $35 overdraw fee. Thanks spotify

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I have had double charges in my account where it has taken 2 payments of $9.99 on the same day. Does anyone no where I can get this fixed?

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Did you open an account with Facebook and your email address if so these are 2 separate accounts