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Hi all! I have a question. I've read few threads about using Spotify abroad, I do understand that I don't have to change the country as I am the Premium user so it all will work. BUT. The problem I'm having is the fact I can't stream some songs because they still are "unavailable in my country". I'd like to listen to some Polish and Russian songs, but because I'm currently based in the UK, I can't stream some of my favourite songs (I'm assuming it has something to do with the license? I tried to contact some of the artists but I don't think they have time to reply). This really upsets me. I could understand it would be the case for a free account, but on Premium? Is there any chance to get songs that I want to listen to, without creating multiple accounts (Polish account when I'm in Poland, Russian when I'm in Russia, etc?) or is it the time to leave the community and find better music supplier? 

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Hi there @Agzie,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Spotify would want all the world’s music and podcasts, but availability can vary over time and between countries, depending on the permissions from rights holders.

New content is being added every day, so if you can’t find something you’re looking for right now, it may appear (or reappear) soon.


However, the app has a great feature called the "Local Files" which you can use to upload your legal content and listen to it wherever and whenever you like.


In addition, there's also this official Spotify Answer addressing requested content.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

See, the problem is that often I have a problem with "Local Files" as they getting replaced with the "original ones" in Spotify, so in the end I still can't listen to the music that I want...

Thanks for the reply!

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