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Paypal Charge before Trial ended

Paypal Charge before Trial ended

Hello everyone!


I started my Premium Trial @ 29th Jan. 2019. Today (28th Feb 2018) I've seen a Paypal charge for Premium Subscription. However, if I remember correctly it says that Trial Period lasts 30 days. From 29th Jan to 28th Feb is a amount of 30 days. So how could there be a charge? After all i stopped the subscription for now. Am I still getting back my money because imho the trial period still isn't over.


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Hey there @Moreia,

thanks for posting in the community !


I'm adding this info article on the 30-Days trials.

Please check it to see you've followed the right steps while signing to it.


If you still think there was something wrong made on the account you can always use the same help page to contact support and have them check it for you.


I'm always around if you need any further help 😃

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