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I was on the Spotify '3 month trial for 99p' and i need to cancel it before it starts to charge me full price, although i logged out of that account and don't know what email or password i used to set it up... So obviously i cant get in and cancel the subscription, please help i don't want to be charged for an account that i can't even use!!! 


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Hey there @Miadb,

thanks for posting !


In case you have no access to the e-mail which was used to create the account you'd have to reach out to support.


Please do so using this "About Us" help page and make sure to reply to any automated mail you recieve.


Hope this helps 🙂

Thanks this helped, I now know the email address for my account I just forgot the password and can't access the email account is there another way to change my password 


Hey @Miadb,


You can use this link to reset your password.


Hope this helps 🙂

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