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Trouble with 2 Alexa's Echo Dots and Spotify DUO

Trouble with 2 Alexa's Echo Dots and Spotify DUO

Hi everyone, I have a very particular problem, and I've researched a lot but couldn't seem to find the right answer, or maybe it's a bug, we'll see.


I have 2 Amazon Echo Dots, each one has a different Amazon account, and I have a Spotify DUO account which supposedly let me have 2 streaming session at the same time, because it let me creates 2 separated accounts.


The funny thing is that when I ask Alexa to play music in one devices the other one stop playing and start playing the song that I asked to play in the first device. I've checked and both have their individual settings done right and It's driving me crazy.


Maybe someone can help! Thx in advance!



Plan: Premium DUO

Country: Perú, South America

Devices: Amazon Echo Dot 3rd GEN

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I am having the same sort of problem.


I am considering getting the Duo account but cannot find any information on whether each Spotify account has to be logged onto specific Alexa devices.


I currently have 7 Alexa devices which allows me to play music either in separate rooms or combined in different groups around the building.


If I have a Duo account, does that account automatically allow me to play two different pieces of music at the same time on different devices.


I have looked on the Amazon app and it only allows me to register one Spotify account, so even though the Duo account is two accounts, there is no availability to register both accounts.


How does the Duo recognise two separate tunes are being played on the same account?





Same Problem, I will try and explain clearly.


Wife and I have several Echo's throughout our house.

We share an Amazon account, but Alexa recognizes our voices.

We have a Spotify Duo account.


Our Amazon Echo's will only play from "Trevor's" (my) Spotify account when using voice commands. (So my wife can never play from her Spotify)


We are able to "trick" it by using the actual Spotify App and saying "Alexa, connect to my phones Spotify" and then both connecting to different echos.


This is not a consistent work around and pretty frustrating.


In a perfect world:

When my wife says "Alexa, play XXXX", her Spotify account would be used, because Alexa recognizes her voice.


When I say "Alexa, play XXXX", my Spotify account would be used, because Alexa recognizes her voice.

Hey folks,


Sorry for the delayed reply, we've just come across this thread.


@andrecavero and @LEWIS103, keep in mind that each Spotify account has to be linked to an individual Amazon account in each Echo Dot. Also, make sure that both speakers aren’t linked with each other, as this can interfere between them when asking to play different content at the same time.


We recommend unlinking the accounts, restarting your devices, and linking them back. You can find the steps to do so here.


@lesc1958, Premium Duo is a discount plan for two people living in the same household - each with their own individual account. As you mentioned, it’s not possible to link more than one Spotify account to the same Amazon account, so the other person would need to have their own Amazon account to which they can link their Spotify account to use it through their Alexa devices.


You can also leave a +Vote here to support the idea for implementing the feature to link more than one Spotify account to one Amazon account.


We hope this helps. If you have any questions, we're just a reply away.



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I vote yes. One solution for the topic.

Best Regards


My wife and I have Spotify Duo and use Alexa.  I created an Amazon Household and added her.  Her Amazon account is linked to her Spotify account and my Amazon account is linked to my Spotify account.  Now all we have to do is say “Alexa switch account”.    Alexa will say which account is being used and will be connected to the corresponding Spotify account.  It works well.

It only works if you're content to switch accounts every time you want to play music. It only works if you're happy to use two voice commands to achieve what could easily be achieved with one command seamlessly using technology that already exists. And it only works if you don't have routines or anything else in use because they are linked to a single Amazon account only and if that account isn't the one logged in then they won't and can't work at all.


There is an API which Amazon made available some time ago. It would automatically change Spotify accounts based on voice for music commands only. But Spotify simply refuse to add it to their "skill" for Alexa:


..and there is a thread asking them to do it. It's years old but they've still done absolutely nothing about it:


How did you manage to do this?


my partner and I have several Amazon devices, it’s under her Amazon account but with me set up as a profile in the household.


we have Spotify duo - bizarrely her Alexa account is synching to my Spotify, and when I ask to switch account on Alexa to my account and request Spotify, it tells me I need to enable that skill.


seems mad that as someone above pointed out, I can’t attach my Spotify to my Alexa account, with her able to connect hers too, and for Alexa to just recognise who is who (she does recognise who is who, just not with Spotify. If I ask ‘phone mum’ it calls my mum, if she asks the same question it calls her mum). 

how did you manage to attach each of your Spotify duo profiles to each of you Alexa accounts? Spent hours trying earlier and just gave up.

AB5605's solution involves setting up a second user in your Amazon Household.  For that you need Amazon's website, *not Spotify's*.  But it still inherently has the same problems I mentioned in my earlier post.  It's a workaround, but defeats the point of having all the benefits that Alexa brings.


Spotify knows the solution and they won't implement it - even after literally years of having the option there and Google (and others) offering it for the same amount of time.

I pay for premium duo. My daughter uses hers for her echo dot. I used mine on my phone. Bought myself an echo dot today but can't seem to be able to steam on the echo dot without it Interfering with my daughter's echo dot. Any help would be appreciated 

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