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Why am I getting ads as a Premium user?

Why am I getting ads as a Premium user?









Google Pixel 2, Laptop (Using Open.Spotify)


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I've been paying for Premium for years, but suddenly I'm getting ads playing during my playlists and Discover Weekly playlists? I've looked online and some have said to go through a route of Edit/Spotify>Prefences, etc etc, but neglect to mention how to do this. I can't see any options anywhere that suggest I can make edits or the likes.


Regardless of how much that advice comes into play, why the f**k am I even hearing these ads in the first place?


Side note: Lovely to see how defective and shoddy Spotify is as, when I tried submitting this question first time round, it brought up the attached error. Exactly the level of quality you'd expect from one of the world's most-used streaming services, huh?

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Hey @simpkins017, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

I'm sorry to hear that you see ads when you're listening to music. Could you try a clean reinstall of the app following these steps? If you still hear ads let me know and I'll see what else to suggest. 


In regards to the error message - it's best to clear your cookies and cache of your browser and try again. You can also use a different browser or a private window to see if that makes a difference. 


Let me know how this goes!

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