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Local file cover art showing as same picture for multiple files

Local file cover art showing as same picture for multiple files

So I’m adding cover art to my local files. Did the first one, looks great. Did the second one, and the cover art shows up as the same picture from the first file I did. Huh??? Apple Music and Finder has them showing up as different pictures. No apostrophes in the name. Help?

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Hey @ki11dozer,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


The cover art can be edited in the file metadata, but if Spotify is not able to load that it will most likely replicate the cover art of other songs added at the same time (or from the same album).


Here are some threads where users discuss ways around this:

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Im trying to give all my local files cover art but for some reason they will have the correct art displayed alongside them but when i play the song, every single song has the same cover art. Any ideas why this is and/or how to fix it?

8574d799-e54e-4840-92db-57f416c2892b.pngHere is an image showing what i mean

i have this exact problem

i have this exact problem it randomly happened as well

So i found what to do. You need to make sure the album name for each local file you want to have a unique cover is different. So if you have two songs X and Y, you can give them unique cover art by just renaming their album name to X and Y respectively(or whatever else you want, making the album name the song name is just easy)

Do you need to remove the song from the folder and then rename the album then put it back into the folder for it to work? Because I’ve tried naming the albums and still have the same cover art, is there a way to refresh it?

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