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The Fast Forwards was a Sweden based band thats no longer around, either as a band and on Spotify, its now unlisted and unavailable. This is incredibly unfortunate as its also gone missing from digital stores and other streaming services, it is now impossible to listen to The Fast Forwards with the exception of a couple of song available on Youtube. All this situation has made me think about the lack of stability of music as a digital exclusive medium, thats because as far as Im concerned The Fast Forwards never released their albums of singles on a physical format. That has led to its disappearance from the internet, without someone who can dump it online and share it. And sure, it was available on digital storefronts but I think that with it being available on a service like Spotify there really was no need of purchase music of a band that was no longer making music, but as it appears that it went missing everywhere at the same time so it really doesnt affect the outcome. The preservation of all form of art is incredibly important and I think that this case is one that really shows that, I cant express how shocked I was when I found out that one of my favorite bands is just impossible to find and there is almost nothing I can do. Im sure someone has to have access to all this songs, they are probably stored somewhere in Spotifys servers, I just want to be able to listen to those songs again but my efforts since I think 2018 when it went unlisted have been useless. Please if there is a way to make these song available again that would be great, but I get it may be incredibly hard but Im really losing all hope because I have tried to contact relevant people linked to the band with absolutely no response, but I think that with community support people can see how even music with small audience is very important and special for the fans, I really think something may change.


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Hi there @NiterZ7

thanks for reaching out !


First of all i would like to mention that in order for this type of posts to get the relevant attention, they should be posted in the "Content Questions" of the community.


In the future, if you're unsure of where to post, you can read the community guidelines here.


To your question, Spotify is the receiving end of content.

That means that the rights of whether to change/remove content is within the right holder/artist/label.


Spotify isn't allowed and can't physically upload content that was asked to be removed by the artist.


However, if you do manage to get this content legally, you can use the "Local Files" feature and upload it to your Spotify account.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if there's anything else i can do to help 🙂

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