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Playlist Radio is being removed from the context menu

Playlist Radio is being removed from the context menu

In March 2023, we're removing the Playlist Radio option from the playlist context menu. We'd like to hear your thoughts and feedback about this change in the comments.


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Are we removing the whole radio feature?

No, we are only removing Playlist Radio. Track/artist and album radios will still be available.


Do we have features where users can have a similar experience?

Yes, right now we have the enhance button or the recently rolled out smart shuffle to give recommendations based on user-created playlists.

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Why remove it when there was nothing wrong with it? It doesnt "enhance" anything it was fine the way it was smgdh

one of the worst desicions i ever saw product-wise. you removed a huge way people use your product, to zero benefit to the user. I assume you are trying to steer users to other parts of the app, in order to reach some kind of metric. good luck with that. I will no longer be paying you for your experiments in fancy charts making at the expense of the experience you provide your users.

I mean why not ask for 'thoughts and feedback' _before_ you make a needless change like this? Playlist radio was the only way to find similar artists and tunes. Smart shuffle is the worst of both worlds: if I want to listen to a playlist I don't want extra random stuff filtered in, and if I want playlist radio, I don't want the tunes that are already in my playlist as I know them already. Please revert this 'improvement'

Dearest Spotify


Please give it back!!!


Thank you

This was the best feature you had! Honestly, it was the only way for me to find new music that I enjoyed. Please, please, please bring back this feature!!! Starting a radio based on a playlist was really the best feature you've had. Bring it back!

Bring back the "Radio from Playlist" please!!! This was a fabulous feature to get new music.

Why would you do this? Just was looking for it and went like wth... bring it back!

This was the best way to find new similar music based on subsets of different kinds of music organized by our playlists. This is a dearly missed and appreciated feature please bring it back I know I’m not alone in this opinion. 

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