Spotify Keeps Undownloading Songs


Spotify Keeps Undownloading Songs

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For almost a year now spotify will randomly delete a few hundred to a few thousand songs from either my phone or my PC (never both at the same time) once or twice a month. This is without me adjusting any settings, they are just in playlists that are set to download and they will randomly start redownloading sometimes when I turn my device on. This is very annoying as one of the reasons I have premium is my lack of reliable internet! When spotify decides to delete and redownload 1000+ songs my entire house's internet goes down for a few hours!

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Hey there @yandhi,

thanks for posting !


Sorry to hear you're having an issue.

I would have to say that the app/any app cannot perform the actions you're describing without the owners permission.


Therefore, i recommend you check out and follow the steps on this help guide just in case.


Feel free to reply back to the post in case i misunderstood the issue.


Let me know how it goes :)

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Re: Spotify Keeps Undownloading Songs

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Hi @OneByBoo,

Yes I have read the guide. It is irrelevant to the problem.

My point is i am NOT giving spotify permission to arbitrarily uninstall songs from my playlists. On one of my playlists of approximately ~3000 songs, I logged on to my computer yesterday and it started redownloading 1200 of them. No rhyme or reason just random songs in the playlist. It does that on my computer sometimes, other times on my phone.

A quick search of google yields many other users with the exact same problem on many different devices that has been going on for YEARS that spotify seems to be ignoring.

I can keep going, there’s hundreds of posts like this around the internet and most of them are marked as solved with half baked solutions that don’t actually address the problem.

I’ve been a premium spotify user for almost a year now and this has been happening ever since I got premium, and apparently longer. As my playlists get bigger it just gets more annoying. Please address the issue spotify!

Re: Spotify Keeps Undownloading Songs

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Still a major issue, thread getting ignored again. Spotify just decided to randomly undownload half my library again. Suddenly, while music was playing, it just stopped and everything was undownloaded. Ridiculous.