What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?


What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?

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Hello Community,

Could somebody please explain how can I remove the two "Shortcuts" from my Home tab? Please, see the attached screen shot.

I have in Spotify Web, Destkop App, Mobile App.

It just sits there, I don't know why and I would prefer not to have it there.

I have found no way how to remove it.

I do not know the artist, I do not follow the artist, I do not like the artist...

So why do I have a shortcut for that song on my Home tab?

Thank you.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 20.23.16.png
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Hey there @yr1,


Thanks for reaching out.


We just want to clarify that if your password was reset, it was to protect your account as mentioned on the email you received, and it has nothing to do with this thread or the issue with Shortcuts.


The security of your account is our top priority and those measures are taken to keep it secure.


We hope this clears things up.



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Why isn't Spotify completely customizable? Why aren't "shortcuts" and "Recently Played" able to be cleared in the mobile apps and the desktop version?

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cus they think that if they take away our power to stop seeing or hearing stuff is fun :C

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I just realised that "Shortcuts" has disappeared from my Spotify home screen. Which is good, I have enough "shortcuts" already in My Library if I need to access things that I WANT to access again, thus the need for shortcuts.


An idea though, why not directing the AI to make shortcuts based on users' library? That way, Spotify create shortcuts of things that matter for each user! If Spotify wants to make a suggestion based on a user's listening history, there is already "Made for you".


Also, the idea that a human person cannot override the machine thinking is merely demeaning. Similarly, the option for clearing undesired content from showing, such as in "Recently Played" should be an essential feature.   


YEA,  let us remove our shortcuts and top shows as well.  Nothing more embarrassing than my family seeing all my podcasts with personal issues that are nobody's business 


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THIS!!! I can't even use spotify to play music with other people present! I don't want them to know my personal podcasts. Goes for in the Car as well since I have Carplay.. the first thing my passenger sees is an podcast about mental help. They don't need to know this.


How can you people not understand that this is NOT OK on so many levels??


I also need an answer for this too because for some reason a podcast has popped up on my shortcuts Spotify needs to fix this even though its getting better they are not paying attention to this problem


It's infuriating that something so obvious requires a feature request at all.  I effing hate spotify, one month in.  They have this remarkable knack for screwing up just enough of the service to ruin it.

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Dear Community,

I have found a solution: I have returned back to Apple Music.

No, I did not because of this stupid "Shortcuts" thing.

I had other reasons too.

Good luck to you all and all the best!

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Ok I found a way that might take a day or two. Listen to a couple of radios. Play them even when youre not using it. And whatever you do, dont open or play what you dont want on there.

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2020-12-09.pngi keep seeing this: its so eww my cat walked on my laptop and it played now it thinks i love it :C like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Unfortunate that this is the only answer as opposed to being able to see what your recent listening history was. One more reason to quit Spotify and upgrade to YT music.

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I have that problem too. I blocked some type ASMR (You dont wanna know) and now its on my home screen. I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!

exactly same thing is happening with me!!!!


Hey folks!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out.
We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and we're sorry to hear you feel this way.


We understand how being able to customize your home screen is a handy feature and we recommend that you leave a +Vote here to support it.


If you see songs that you don't recognize we'd also suggest checking this page to see what you can do to secure account.


The Shortcuts should update the more you listen to the songs you enjoy. Just make sure you don't have Private session on, as that might influence the algorithm.


Hope this info helps. We'll be here if you have any other questions.

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It's a terrible feature, please listen to your customers.


How about you forget about this extremely stupid little poll of yours and just implement it? I listen to a podcast ONCE and it's there forever? I can't get rid of it? Never listening to another damn podcast again. I don't want to see it in my shortcuts and have no way to remove them. STUPID! seriously considering cancelling over something so simple to implement. Vote? on something that's 2 years old? Give me a break!


Why should we vote for a feature request that is stuck since July 2018 ? Do you really think this will ever be taken into account.


You bunch of eccentric guys from devs and marketing teams are paid 200+ k$ a year to come up with garbage and obnoxious updates, and most of all paid to remove basic "remove" features.

Keep your algorithms but just let us clear what we don't want to appear in our "Shortcuts", "Jump back in", "Your favorite albums and songs" and "Recently played tracks" sections FFS !


You've just lost an active paying subscriber.

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I also need answers and I want to remove these.

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Yes, this has been bugging me for quite some time now.

also could someone reply to this just to make sure...... the spotify i open on google has a much more cleaner look then the desktop app.... is it just me or does this happen to everyone. idk why spotify havent updated their app UI yet.....

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I'm having the same problem. Somehow my account was hijacked a couple of weeks ago - I had a pretty crazy password so I'm not sure how - so I have all these weird playlists on my shortcuts and recently played now. NOTHING gets rid of them. It doesn't matter how many other albums or playlists I listen to. Super annoying >_<

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