What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?


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Thank you for your posts and feedback.


The Shortcuts section you see on your Home Screens are part of ongoing efforts to improve the user experience by providing meaningful, relevant content recommendations to you. We understand that for those of you posting here, this isn't the case. Your feedback is what helps the right teams find out, that this still needs work on. 


As everything, this is a learning process and we're monitoring both backstage data and user feedback to improve our features.


In the meantime you can leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to this idea. You can also read how your feedback reach Spotify here.



Re: What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?


Same here. They even listened to music on my account when I was listening too so I have to stop listening. It drove me crazy. It had happened since July to September. The sign-in were in many different countries including US, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, etc.

After I changed my password, it still happened so I think they did't need to know my password to hack and listen on my account! Only until I signed out my account on all devices, it stopped but the shortcuts are still there and Spotify doesn't have any option to remove or delete those shortcuts although I've listened to hundreds of songs since then.

Super annoying! Spotify team, please do your job!

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Re: What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?

exactly same thing is happening with me!!!!

Re: What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?


Hey folks!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out.
We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and we're sorry to hear you feel this way.


We understand how being able to customize your home screen is a handy feature and we recommend that you leave a +Vote here to support it.


If you see songs that you don't recognize we'd also suggest checking this page to see what you can do to secure account.


The Shortcuts should update the more you listen to the songs you enjoy. Just make sure you don't have Private session on, as that might influence the algorithm.


Hope this info helps. We'll be here if you have any other questions.

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Casual Listener

I have BOOBS on my screen all the time, and I'm a school teacher who uses Spotify in the classroom. Spotify, you have to address this!20200923_115554.jpg

Need to remove as well


I also have an inappropriate image showing up on my playlist that belongs to an album with a song that was listened to 1/4 of the way through... Yet it shows up as my number one shortcut. 


This is also for my business computer which popped up in front of my clients. I have listened to other albums and songs and still, this is still the first image that shows up every time I load up Spotify.

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Re: What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?

Casual Listener

I just realised that "Shortcuts" has disappeared from my Spotify home screen. Which is good, I have enough "shortcuts" already in My Library if I need to access things that I WANT to access again, thus the need for shortcuts.


An idea though, why not directing the AI to make shortcuts based on users' library? That way, Spotify create shortcuts of things that matter for each user! If Spotify wants to make a suggestion based on a user's listening history, there is already "Made for you".


Also, the idea that a human person cannot override the machine thinking is merely demeaning. Similarly, the option for clearing undesired content from showing, such as in "Recently Played" should be an essential feature.   

Re: What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?


Why should we vote for a feature request that is stuck since July 2018 ? Do you really think this will ever be taken into account.


You bunch of eccentric guys from devs and marketing teams are paid 200+ k$ a year to come up with garbage and obnoxious updates, and most of all paid to remove basic "remove" features.

Keep your algorithms but just let us clear what we don't want to appear in our "Shortcuts", "Jump back in", "Your favorite albums and songs" and "Recently played tracks" sections FFS !


You've just lost an active paying subscriber.

we need an-swer for this, i dont like the shortcuts thing we need to remove this


what i dont actually listen toowhat i dont actually listen too


Re: What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?


How about you forget about this extremely stupid little poll of yours and just implement it? I listen to a podcast ONCE and it's there forever? I can't get rid of it? Never listening to another damn podcast again. I don't want to see it in my shortcuts and have no way to remove them. STUPID! seriously considering cancelling over something so simple to implement. Vote? on something that's 2 years old? Give me a break!

Re: What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?


Spotify spotify spotify.. How sh*te you've become over the past couple of years.

Excuse my swearing but come on you bunch of f*cking tw*ts, just put in the bl**dy remove feature. As an active app dev myself I know it isn't hard to do. If you want just hire me and I'll do it for you. Stop updating the app into something no one wants and let us have control over what an active app and game devoloper and well all I can say is that are institution has 100% moved away from ur buggy sh*te service. Congrats on losing 500+ active members. Silly silly idiots.

There was a women in this section complain about a nude photo shown on her home screen. And why should we vote for an outdated bs idea that not only us but you can see that it's been inactive for two years.

F*cking sort ur sh*te service out ye c***s!