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[iOS][Radio] Feature to block artists/songs without affecting algorithm due to heartbreak

[iOS][Radio] Feature to block artists/songs without affecting algorithm due to heartbreak

I really can't stress enough how much I think this should be a feature. I don't know who need to hear this, but anyone with decision making power needs to take it into consideration. Please. There needs to be some way for users to specify songs which are like "the song" or "songs of a relationship" when that relationship has ended. I've had a handful of songs which I listened to often because they reminded me of my girlfriend which have shown up frequently in my feed after that relationship ended. Sonically and stylistically are in my vein so I don't want to mess up my algorithm. Are there ways to opt out of a particular song or artist without opting out of their style or genre altogether? Please. For all us hopeless romantics. Sincerely, Baird.
PS. Your customer service agent, Samyuktha M. was absolutely phenomenal in processing my thoughts and requests and I think that they deserve any benefits or promotions that may be received from exemplary service. They were very compassionate and understanding, and they helped me to find the proper avenues to pursue this idea. All love to Samyuktha M.
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Hi @BairdLinke,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


We've moved your post to this help board because this is something you can already do.


At any time, you can block songs or artists from the mobile app. To block an artist, simply open their profile, tap on the 3 dots on the upper menu and select "Don't play this".


Similarly, you can mute songs directly from the albums, playlists created by other users or your personalized playlists. Tap on the 3 dots menu next to the song's name and select "Hide this song". 


It's important to note that even though the artists/songs are still going to be visible on the app, they won't be played. However, doing this won't affect your algorithm, which will continue to be based on the music you actually play.


Let us know if you have any questions.

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