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Apple Watch Spotify constantly crashing

Apple Watch Spotify constantly crashing

Watch model SE
Watch iOS 8.3
Iphone model Xr
Iphone iOS 15.2.1
Spotify version


Device 1
Iphone Xr
Operating System
iOS 15.2.1

Device 2
Apple Watch SE
Operating System
iOS 8.3

Spotify version

My Question or Issue
Brand new Apple Watch SE since opening and synchronizing it with iphone, has been in constant crash of the Spotify app (When clicking to open the app, it closes automatically).
The app crashes almost everytime, after one time of working properly after downloading it.

Downloading songs are also a problem, even when is a playlist with less than 10 songs.
The phone, watch and app are already with newest versions.
Closing the app (both phone and watch), logging out, factory reset of the watch have been already tested.


50 Replies

Thanks for keeping us up to date Alex. Hoping that the Spotify team will be soon fixing this issue.

i have the exact same problem, my apple watch just bought 5 days ago. Previously it was possible to listen and connect Spotify from my iPhone to Apple Watch, but now I can't access it anymore. when I open the application it always crashes, I've tried the method given above (reinstalled on Apple Watch and iPhone but still can't be accessed, and Apple Watch factory reset still doesn't work) please respond and help, thank you

iphone 12 promax latest ios version

apple watch se latest watch os version

Hey @Willsonr,


Thanks for the input.


Could you share your log file as described by @Alex earlier in the thread? This will help our tech team a lot.


Keep us posted,



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hi, good night, I'm trying to send the log data from my apple watch for the newest one, there will be 2 log data that I will send maybe you can see both of them, thank you

Hey @Willsonr,


Thanks for sharing this info. 


We've passed this to the team in charge. They're working on it with the manufacturer.


Don't forget to keep the app up to date.


We appreciate your patience. 

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"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't." -Henry Thoreau

Hi, I am having the same problem here.

Just got a new Apple Watch S7 and I have an iPhone 12. 

Spotify crashes in 1 sec every time I try to open it.


Hope you have a fix for that.


I attached 2 logs here.


Tks : )



Hello. Is there already any final and efficient solution to the precisely described by everyone issue? I’d like to emphasize on the fact that the subject was initially brought up almost half a year ago and until now without any method from your Spotify side that would help us all out with it. Maybe it is not the most important thing in the world, but for everyone including me it’s very annoying as a Spotify user who was promised offline music listening option on Apple Watch and can’t listen the music on it at all without a necessity to have the phone by my side at all times… e.g. when going out jogging

Im also not sure if you’re aware of that, but the other competitive brands, which names I don’t to have to mention, have this function normally working and without any issue. Which makes some of us thinking and perhaps considering soon to change the streaming music provider shortly. Please let us know the definite solution to that issue. 
thanks in advance. 

Coming here to say the same. It has become really frustrating being unable to use at all the Spotify Apple Watch app. There has been no  recent updates on how the progress to fix this issue is going. It’s understandable that fixing this would take its time, but with the crash logs provided in this post it would be hoped for this problem to be fixed in a shorter time span. In addition, this post has not been labeled as “Under Investigation”. As mentioned by Armando, this inconvenience makes users to consider switching to other music and podcasts service. Currently, as the ongoing issue persists I’ve had to rely on other services to listen to music and podcasts. Still, I’m still hoping this crashing issue is solved ASAP.

When is this going to be fixed?!?! Seriously tempted to switch to Apple Music at this rate. The watch app crashes mostly when opened, and instantly when trying to play downloaded music!! Someone has to fix this has been far too long this has been occurring for.

Hi there folks,

Thank you for your replies and feedback.


We understand how this can feel very frustrating. Rest assured that our team still investigating this.


In the meantime it would be great if you can continue to provide us your log file so that we can continue to provide information to the team that's looking into this. You can check how you do that with the steps provided by @Alex earlier in the thread.


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

Was having this same issue (iPhone 12 with Apple Watch Series 6) since around mid-April. Tried everything listed above and also erased and factory reset my watch, contacted Apple and Spotify numerous times in the past and did everything they advised to try and figure out whether it was my phone, watch or just the app that was the issue. We paired my reset watch with my brother’s iPhone (12 Pro Max) and it worked fine with both his Spotify log in and my  log in. This helped us realize that it wasn’t the Spotify app/account or my watch that was the issue but rather my iPhone. Did absolutely everything short of factory resetting my phone when finally I went to my App Store purchase history and checked to see what apps I may have installed around the time that this issue started and found 4 apps from the time frame (Tiny Scan, ShopThings, Dream by WOMBO and BitLife) deleted all 4 apps and the issue was instantly resolved.


I advise you to check your app purchase/download history and see what apps were downloaded to your device at the time the issue began. I had been on a call with Apple for over an hour before we tried this and it worked. My Spotify on my Apple Watch now opens, plays and connects with my phone and other Apple devices like it should. 

Not sure which app it was in particular that was causing the issue, since I deleted all 4 at once instead of deleting one at a time and checking my watch in between (though for research purposes I will probably reinstall them one by one and see which causes the issue). Once I get around to doing that I’ll let you all know which exact app(s) (and the developers). 

Hope this helps!

hey Spotify team, I can assure you I never saw a paid service that investigates a problem of constantly crashing app for more than a half year… also I will assure you I will be soon using Apple Music instead of broken Spotify 

Hi guys


i just bought a brand new Apple Watch SE. With cellular I also have an IPhone 13 Pro and I am experiencing the same issue.

I have done all the suggested troubleshooting procedures but the Spotify app on my Apple Watch keep crashing. Sometimes it plays one song, other times 2... but suddenly stops and freeze. 
I just want to go for a run without carrying the phone. Spotify app on Apple Watch has been a headache



Still an issue... cannot go on a run without a phone. Reason enough to cancel - there are many options out there.

Are you any closer to a fix for this bug? The only reason I pay for Spotify premium is to be able to play music on my watch (through my AirPods) offline. As of now, the part of Spotify that takes my money seems to work perfectly; it’s only the bit about playing music that’s been broken for months. 

As others have mentioned I've had these issues for quite a while now too. I've at least performed an Spotify Apple Watch uninstall and reinstall. Having to redownload all my music back to my phone for running and working in the yard. The application continues to crash making the application/listening to music impossible. 


This is a huge bug. Please give these reports the time that it deserves. Otherwise you lose the risk of losing many paying customers as I imagine quite a few people specifically pay for Spotify for this offline feature. I've personally have been using the paid service since 2011.

Let's hope so 🙏

I just started having the same issue with my Apple Watch Series 3. Spotify was working fine last week (I use it in the gym), but starting yesterday it won't even open. Instantly crashes on startup.

I have an Apple Watch Series 3 also and this problem happened just a few days ago. This is very frustrating. Please don’t make me switch to Apple Music. I too have tried all suggestions actions from moderators. I can’t keep resetting my watch/phone and also keep my sanity 😅. Really looking forward to the app getting fixed on Apple Watch! 

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