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Can't See Local Files on iPhone App

Can't See Local Files on iPhone App


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iPhone XS

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iOS 12.4


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I added some local files to my Spotify via Desktop and even created a playlist exclujsively filled with the Local Files.  I can see and play them fine on the desktop, but I can't see any on my phone.  I went through troubleshooting steps here (, but did not have any luck.  The songs aren't grayed out or anything, they just don't show up.  They're mp3 files also.

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It sounds like you have not synced those songs to your phone + having the following setting enabled:



Also check THIS support article out on how to sync them. 


For me, that's not the issue. 

- Same Wifi connection 

- Premium account 

- Phone setting that you just showed has always een enabled

- Works fine on my computer (even after I made it available offline)

Yet for some reason, it still does not currently appear on my phone (iPhone 6) like it has many times in the past.

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