Clear Queue??


Clear Queue??

Somehow my entire song library was added to my queue and I really need a way to clear it. I know how this may be done on PC/Mac but how do I do it on my iOS? Playing a different context/playlist does not work.

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UPDATE: Implemented.


Hey all,


Currently it's not possible to clear all songs from the queue on iOS. We recommend voting for this idea to let us know that you are interested in this feature.


We'll be closing this topic but feel free to continue the discussion in the above linked idea.


Thanks and have a nice day!

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Hi there Tremolay, welcome to the Community! That's a bit peculiar - having all of your jams in your queue, but I'll be sure to help you clear your queue so you can enjoy your playlists and albums as normal again.

Unfortunately, I can't find a magic "Clear Queue" button, but there is a clever trick you can do to clear the queue effortlessly. Open up the Queue list and scroll all the way down to the final song with a blue dot. Tap it, and all the queued songs above it will vanish. You can then enjoy that last song, or skip it, and your entire queue will be cleared.

I hope I helped. If this doesn't work, please feel free to reply to this post and someone else might be able to help you! The Community is great for helping others, discovering new music and making new friends. Feel free to explore, and I look forward to seeing you on the forums some time! Good luck with clearing your queue and rock on!
Starting out but ready to make a difference 🙂

No blue dot 😕

I feel your pain. After nearly losing my religion and wondering if I should just cancel
Spotify and sign up for iTunes I found the solution that worked for me.
Select the song at the top of your playlist, then hit skip so it goes to the next song. As you do this you should see a number in the top right of your screen counting down for each song you skip through. Once you skip
Through all songs in your queue you should be good to go.
I hope this works for you, good luck!

My goodness..

How stupid is that??? When i play a spotify playlist from Sonos app on my iphone there is an option to clear queue..Spotify people obviously think that one of the most basic options like clear queue is just too much or insignificant.. Many people have requested that already. WAKE UP SPOTIFY! This option should be available sinse day 0.1. My god what are you thinking?? What could be the reason for not this option being available i truly don't understand. Are you serious? I should use tricks like go to the last song of my 1523 songs list and click to play. Yeah! so genious! so handy especially when driving! my god i wonder how much time you guys spent to think something like that. Get serious people and do it by the next update.

This is daft.


Utterly daft.


After listening to single songs (as opposed to the album I've selected) for about 8 albums in a row I was frustrated enough to google it - I'm glad I'm not the only one.


The 'skip to the last song' worked for me, but what a faff.

Ready to cancel this is pathetic. No blue dot must be an older version referenced. No way to just clear or replace the cue. Mind numbing. That paired with the fact theirs no play all at the top and shuffle is so prioritized has me preferring Amazon music or Apple music.

Click play on the last song. That's it.

This didn't work. I don't see any blue dot at the last song. I've only noticed this issue this last week, I never had trouble clearing the queue before this.

If I play the last song, it just adds the playlist again to the list and YES, I have shuffle turned off.

This is unbelievable.  Such a basic thing and so hard to do.  Bye bye Spotify premium and hello something intuitive- can anyone advise the best streaming service for similar money?


This post worked for me:


tl;dr: Selecting a playlist to play clears the queue. 

Very easy: there is a circle to the left of every song in your queue. Select the last song from the queue you want to clear and the play it. All the songs above that one will go away.

My conspiracy theory is they are using us to play 'B side' content. Next time you check out your favourite artist and select Shuffle check out what ends up in your queue. ADD the inconvenience of no CLEAR ALL and presto! Hmmmm, how convenient for them.

Just push play on the last song on the list. You'll see that all the songs above it will dissappear

Where do I find the queue?

This just means I'll have to delete Spotify. Too bad. Been good for a while, not sure why they'd make this change.

Nope it just played and the queue remains!

I'm with all of those annoyed by the queuing "features" of spotify and that the official "solution" is a work-around. Love the service, really hate how the functionality manages to behave differently from nearly every other music player out there. C'mon developers. A clear queue button would just have to juggle a little XML. Probably can be coded in a day or two per platform.

I hate this change too !!!!  

Playing the very last song in queue works on iPhone but not as intuitively as it should be! Like most of the guys said here this is literally ridiculous. Spotify is one of the best options for streaming music and simply doesn't have such a basic feature! Doesn't it really affect the developers at least??? It's really unbelievable and disappointing.

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