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Double Speed Song Bug

Double Speed Song Bug

I have found a slightly annoying bug on Spotify for iOS that causes music to speed up (approx. 2x speed). It has only occured twice, but I would like to make Spotify's developers aware of the issue so they can solve it.


The first time, I had paused Spotify on my iPhone, then later hit play on a bluetooth device I had connected to my phone. There was no response the first time I hit play for several seconds, so I hit it 2-3 more times until the music started. The music playback was at around 2x speed for several songs (I wanted to see if it would fix itself) until I started a song over, which fixed it. This was on version 5.3.0 of the Spotify Music app on my iPhone 6 Plus.


The second time, I had been listening to Spotify Music on my iPhone, and changed the song on the Joy for Spotify app for Apple Watch. I then decided to go back to the song I had previously been listening to, so I opened the Spotify Music app on my phone and the song I had previously been listening to was still there, paused, with a dialogue above it that said something along the lines of "Your music has been paused because your account is being used by another device." I dismissed the dialogue and hit play, and the song played at around 2x speed. I started the song over, and again fixed the problem. This time I was using version 5.4.0 of the Spotify Music app, on the same phone.


This problem is easy to fix by starting the song over, but I shouldn't have to start my music over every other time I try to listen to it. I hope my reporting of this bug will assist Spotify's iOS app developers in finding and fixing it. Feel free to ask for any other details if you need to. Thanks!

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Hey @smaxwell96


Thanks for the report. I've had this happen to me at least once.


I will pass it on to be looked into. 

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I just had this happen too.  I went into the iOS app (after not using it since yesterday), started playing the song which was already queued up, and it was double-time.  I wish I could reliably reproduce it, since it'd be kind of cool to be able do it on purpose too! 😄

Yesterday this happened to me for a second time. I too had recently connected to a bluetooth speaker and had hit play a few times scince the phone didn't recognize the play command. And off it went in double speed but yet in correct pitch. Altogh I had a great time listening to Meshuggah and Finntroll in double speed it can be quite annoying.

A restart of the app resolved it last time but this time i tried to swich songs, between those in offline mode and live stream from Soptify and still everything was in bouble speed. 

The double speed also somehow fitted into the correct bpm of the songs. So it wasn't like the playback strictly played 0,5 out of ever 1 second but it corrected itself to the actual tempo of the song and cut that in half without changing the pitch. Quite impressive but probably not to hard to do with modern audio software.

Well, this might be a fun feature but I would like to be asked for the potion in that case 🙂

Thanks for your great work!

Happens to me every so often, seems to be when music is paused on iOS I use it mainly. To resolve I have to close the app and reopen

Happened to me aswell.

had it in the background for a while using other apps, then when i resumed there it was approx double speed.

I JUST started having this issue. Using Spotify app ios via Bluetooth (Entune) to my Toyota Sienna. Songs play fine locally but double speed (or faster) with playing via Bluetooth. Restarted phone and uninstalled / reinstalled Spotify to no avail. Please help!

The other day it happened again. 

I was playing a podcast via bluetooth in the car, got out -it auto paused.

The podcast was playing through the podcasts dedicted app, not the ios app.


Moments later i plugged my headphones in and pressed play on the headphones.

Instead of resuming the podcast Spotify kicked in, in double speed.


So perhaps when you send a "Hey! System, Play!" and the phone doesn't know which app to kick to life scince they all are in some kind of sleep or stby and Spotify is abrouptley awaken and not quite ready perhaps the app looses some kind of sync-timer or what have you?


*edit; spelling.


Same issue here. It happens to me every day which is very annoying... Nothing helps - changing songs, albums etc.

What BT device were you using? I'm having the same issue with my BT Earphones.

Happened to me today. I was listening to a song, switched over to Facebook and played a video which caused Spotify to pause. When I returned to Spotify and pressed play the song was at 2x speed. Pressing next did nothing to solve the problem but pause then play seemed to fix the problem. What a strange big deal but should be fixed.


Are you all sure it's Spotify that's the problem? I have an Iphone6+ and had an album from Spotify playing 2x normal speed via the Bluetooth connection in my car. Tonight I was searching for a song via a search engine, clicked on one of the results to play it (not a link to Spotify) and that too played at 2x the speed. I think it's the device rather than the app

Is there a fix for this?


I have had this problem for a very long time now, iPhone6, latest iOS...


In the mean time I have purchased a new car with Apple CarPlay, and the problem is the same. It happens several times a day and it is annoying--and dangerous too, since I now have to kill and restart Spotify on my phone to get any music to play at normal speed. This can happen while driving since stopping to fix this is usually impractical or even more dangerous...


There was no family subscription for Spotify either, so I actually logged in to cancel my subscription today due to me needing a family subscription plan, as well as near problem free playbacj for in-car-use.


I am a "veteran" subscriber, but the double speed music bug hits me all the time, causing massive annoyance and dangers in traffic for me, coupled with the no-family-sub thing... I was thinking I could just move to Apple Music entirely.


But, it seems you now have a family subscription now so - OK, checkmark

Remaining issue:

Music plays back at double speed, usually when resuming playback. This can usually (but not always) be fixed by killing the Spotify App and restarting it. !This bug is extremely annoying when depending on Spotify in the car.!



If this is an issue with the external device (BT Audio device or similar) it desperately needs fixing. For Apple CarPlay I use a USB cable (not BT).

I've had this happen a lot. Once it starts happening, it doesn't matter if I'm playing music I've downloaded, or playing online. Off I'm playing online, the music quality is drastically degraded.
Has anyone found a work around to get it to stop?

Has a solution been posted for this? I've had it happen about 5 times

I just experienced this bug on my laptop.

I don't know if it's relevant, but:

1) Played music (on spotify to be make that clear)

2) Unplugged from a thunderbolt screen (displayport + charger) and headphones

3) Had a skype call

4) Put it in sleep mode

5) Plugged back in to the screen and my headphones (while still in sleep mode).

6) Woke it up and started playing music again


Device: Macbook Pro Retina Early 2015

OS: MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 (16C67)

Spotify version:

Well, since my problem was on the iPhone, it just confirms they have some
larger problem. Thanks

Can confirm I get this issue too. The bug happens regardless of iPhone cable attached or not but always while playing over bluetooth audio.

When resuming a paused playback over bluetooth and it does not start right off, the song will play at double speed until you either pause and play the song or restart the song and then playback ia normal again.

So far I have only been able to replicate this issue consistantly where the iPhone doesn't have full reception and Spotify doesn't always load the interface fully before you hit play on the last song you paused.

iPhone 7 Plus with latest IOS and Spotify App as of 20th Jan 2017.

When the bug triggered, I was never able to get the songs to play back at normal speed unless I quit/exited the Spotify app completely. No amount of switching songs/albums/stopping/starting solved the issue. I had to kill the app and restart it for the issue to go away. And it was very inconsistent when this bug triggered; sometimes every day, sometimes not for a week--otherwise I would have tried to collect more data to help debug this.


The having to kill the app to fix it must mean something, like how is the BT audio connection initalized/handled? Only on startup? Can something happen with the BT connection when the app is passive/background and coming back to resume play? It's been like this for quite some time now, a year or more?


I listen to music streams when I'm in the car (almost exclusively) and having the songs play back at double speed (or not at all) when using Apple CarPlay and Spotify, was just too annoying--and dangerous in traffic. (I have the same problem in my other car with just regular BT audio (not Apple CarPlay) when using Spotify)


Since this issue seemed to always happen while driving, I couldn't really fiddle around or collect more debug information easily, I didn't want to get off the highway to debug this. So in the end I switched to the iPhone's "built in" service, and it has worked pretty much flawlessly on the same third-party equipment. I really hope Spotify can figure this one out and make playback more robust. When using it in the car there is just very little room for "fiddling", restarting apps etc. Stability is key here.

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