Double Speed Song Bug

Double Speed Song Bug


I have found a slightly annoying bug on Spotify for iOS that causes music to speed up (approx. 2x speed). It has only occured twice, but I would like to make Spotify's developers aware of the issue so they can solve it.


The first time, I had paused Spotify on my iPhone, then later hit play on a bluetooth device I had connected to my phone. There was no response the first time I hit play for several seconds, so I hit it 2-3 more times until the music started. The music playback was at around 2x speed for several songs (I wanted to see if it would fix itself) until I started a song over, which fixed it. This was on version 5.3.0 of the Spotify Music app on my iPhone 6 Plus.


The second time, I had been listening to Spotify Music on my iPhone, and changed the song on the Joy for Spotify app for Apple Watch. I then decided to go back to the song I had previously been listening to, so I opened the Spotify Music app on my phone and the song I had previously been listening to was still there, paused, with a dialogue above it that said something along the lines of "Your music has been paused because your account is being used by another device." I dismissed the dialogue and hit play, and the song played at around 2x speed. I started the song over, and again fixed the problem. This time I was using version 5.4.0 of the Spotify Music app, on the same phone.


This problem is easy to fix by starting the song over, but I shouldn't have to start my music over every other time I try to listen to it. I hope my reporting of this bug will assist Spotify's iOS app developers in finding and fixing it. Feel free to ask for any other details if you need to. Thanks!

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This bug has been in the iOS app for quite a while..

My "workaround" for it, is opening the Spotify app and playing a song for 1 second before I get in my car.. 

Seems to be an issue with Spotify when waking up from the background if you ask me.


Great, now the bug is on Android.


Reinstalled the app and everything, to no avail.


I have the same problem. iPhone X, iOS 11.1.2. When my VW connects through bluetooh with the phone, the music does not want to play, although in the spotify it is played. When I click the pause and play again, the music is distorted. It only helps to restart the application. It's really tiring ... 

Spotify version:


I haven't noticed the bug for a while now.  Does it seem to be fixed for the rest of you too?


It's annoying that Spotify doesn't publish release notes for each update.


Bug seems fixed for me too.

I've often had it that I needed to kill and relaunch Spotify in it for order to work when I enter my car, but that seems fixed now too!


However with some songs it makes it into an absolute banger


Bro same its frickin annoying in version 8.4.49 just started happening to me. I rode a motorcycle and i have a playlist that helps me stay in ryrthm when all of a sudden my music restarts 


More than two years have passed and this problem has still not been fixed. I have six months left on Spotify. If it is not fixed in the next 6 months I will switch to Apple music.


In addition to the song playing at double speed: when I pause the music, it will start playing automatically after a few seconds. This issue is dangerous for real. 


It's randomly happening and therefore it's very difficult to reproduce. Perhaps a bit weird, but I have the idea it only happens when I'm in the car with my wife and kids. That means: a second iPhone in the car (her bluetooth not connected, but registered with the car), Family Subscription, playing from a downloaded playlist.


Spotify, please acknowledge there is a problem and start searching for a solution. Plenty of people here that are willing to help.

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