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Facebook login issue

Facebook login issue

To begin, I cancelled my spotify premium two or three months ago, and spotify proceeded to charge me every month. Last week, I went to the bank, and made a claim, I got my money back immediately. Today, I woke up, and my spotify account was automatically signed off. Naturally, I tried logging back on through my Facebook and received an error claiming that I do not have an account, yet when I try to log on, Facebook says, "You have already authorized Spotify." Any help?
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When you cancled your account, did you recieve a confirmation email by chance?

I would try removing the Spotify app from facebook and then trying again. 


On the facebook app click more (at the bottom) -> account settings -> apps -> click "logged in with Facebook" -> scroll to spotify -> scroll to bottom and click "remove app"

Tried that idea, removing the app from my Facebook while logged in on Spotify through facebook still gives me the same thing lets you click confirm and then nothing it still says connect to Facebook

I have this issue as well Spotify will not let me sign in via Facebook because it just says "you have already authorized Spotify" and then it takes you back to the login screen. Such a fundamental issue and it's been an issue for a long time. If you can't perfect basic app functionality like logging into an account then it doesn't bode well for the future of the app.

How do you give kudos you need fifty for them to do anything about it

When I canceled what?? My old account off of my Facebook?

Did that not sure I received a confirmation from Facebook maybe they are sent to spam folder?🤔

I'm having the same issue and it's been happening for 5 days now. My cousin has the Facebook account and we share the Spotify. I deleted the app and got it again and "you've already been authorized" comes up now so Idk what to do as well

I had this issue and this worked for me
Go into your settings and allow cellular data for Spotify
As soon as I did that the log in worked right away

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