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Help Playstation account and phone error messages?

Help Playstation account and phone error messages?

So I have Spotify donwloaded on my phone where I had created an account.  Then again I have it downloaded on my playstation 4 where I have an account as well.  When I am playing it on my phone I always just click on the "play on this device" and choose my playstation to listen to music while I play.  However, When I upgraded to premium on my playstation I realized they were two different accounts.  So I then went online and searched how to merge accounts with the facebook and non facebook account solution and I kept trying to just log into the my facebook account on the Non Facebook One but I continue to recieve error messages and it wont let me even log in.  So then I went on the other account and hit the log out of all accounts and realized that when I hit log in I had hit the log in with facebook option and it worked so I dont understand why I get the error message when I try and connect with the other profile if its obviously working to connect with the other...

So the main question is how do I make my main account the one that I have created playlists on and use 100% (Facebook Connected) of the time the premium one and not this other one (Non Facebook) that I never use?

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Hey @Jzant10,


You should fill out the contact form, and someone from Spotify will be happy to help you merge both of your accounts within 24 hrs. Don't forget to check your spam folder for responses as they may end up there.


If you get an automated email directing you to the community or help pages, you need to reply directly to and one of the customer services agents will get back to you.

Alternatively, if you prefer support via Twitter, you can tweet @SpotifyCares.

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