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How can I clear my recently played?

How can I clear my recently played?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew how I can clear my recently played on Spotify. My younger cousins use my phone for songs sometimes and I don’t want them playing some of the music I’m playing. Since the new update I haven’t been able to find where you clear it. I’m on iOS but I can also do desktop:


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Hey folks,


Thanks for the many posts about this.


For those who missed it, writing to share this Idea you can add your +VOTE as well as subscribe to if you'd love to see this feature implemented.



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Hey @GracieEFish, thank you for reaching out to the Community!

Recently played have been moved to the Home tab. It's not possible to remove music from here. Even if you remove them from the desktop version, it won't be removed from your iOS device.


Even though Private Sessions will prevent Recently Played Artists from appearing on your profile, it will still appear in the Home tab.


If you're not enjoying this feature, I'd recommend starting a new Idea in the Idea's Exchange board here.


I hope this helps! If you need help with anything else, just let me know 🙂 

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This doesnt work. The ability to clear your Recently Played list has totally disappeared from iOS and Mac apps. Why has it gone, Spotify?? 

Hey @mkleef


Thanks for reaching out.

Spotify is always improving and testing new features to make sure you get the best experience.  If you'd like to be able to remove your Recently Played again, you can always create a new Idea about this here


I hope this helps 🙂

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This is so stupid, what could possibly be The reason NOT to allow simple clearing of recently played? Give the users more control not less going towars none. 

You can’t clear it. BUT if you’re just looking to remove a certain something from sight and off the queue completely, just proceed to the end (least recent) of your ‘Recently Played’ list (it will hold up to 30 at a time in the queue) and start playing your choices in the list systematically until you get to the one(s) you want out of sight/removed and play something not in the queue at all and because you reached the threshold for recent, you will bump the unwanted selection from your list. 

I completely agree. My account was hacked and it's filled with**bleep** now. I'd like to be able to clear it out and start over.

Same my account was also hacked and all their music is in my recently

played playlist and I’m tired of looking at it. Spot lift fix this please and thank you! 

This seems to be a trend... My account had also been hacked. The user played some pretty vulgar stuff. And I share phone with CHURCH members to show choir new music! Not being able to delete it is UNACCEPTABLE.

Same deal with the account hacking. This feature being discontinued is the silliest thing ever. There's so much rubbish in my history now!

Yes I am having the EXACT same problem. Someone hacked my account, and has been playing terrible (and profane) music. I really don't want to keep seeing it in my recently played section.  Spotify - PLEASE fix this. I have no idea why you would take away our ability to clear a playlist - that is NOT an improvement!

Hey folks, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this.


You can remove contents from the Recently Played section by doing the following:

  1. Open the Spotify Desktop App
  2. Enter the Recently Played section
  3. Hover the mouse cursor over the content you wish to remove
  4. Find the three-dots menu on the right of the content image
  5. Select Remove From Recently Played

These steps will remove the content from your Recently Played.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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And... how do you get rid of that vulgar music off your "heavy rotation" list that apparently I didn't warrant.

@Petya, with all due respect, this is not a working solution. The HOME SCREEN continues to display "recently played" items even after they are removed from the recently played tab (on the left side of the app). The problem is that when I open the desktop app, the excessively giant "recently played" horizontal scroll is the first thing I see in the app, and the items in it are from a listening session that someone in another country enjoyed while hacked into my account. These items will not disappear, no matter how much of my own music I listen to, and there is no option to remove - no 3-dots, nothing. The fact that one who has been a premium customer for years cannot remove these items is infuriating and detracts from having a positive experience with the app. 

I couldn't agree more. Time to get this fixed.


Like many others in this thread, I too was "hacked" (which apparently is VERY easy to do, despite a min 22 mixed character password) -- I don't want to see any of this garbage music on my main Spotify app page and want a way to remove it for good.


This is your problem as your account management servers are seemingly easily compromised - at least give us users a way to reverse the damage.

As if having some stranger view all your choices/preferences wasn't enough.. they apparently insist on having us look at it every time we log in. Wonderful, ain't it?

I absolutely agree with @Troyjack1. Why even is the pool that the home screen calls from even is a different from the pool in the recently played tab? If they just displayed from the same pool, there would be less of a problem because at least you can clear it; Even if it is a slow meticulous process of one by one removing items. It's kind of ridiculous, to be frank.


At least pull the recently played items from the "recently played" pool, give an option to clear recently played items all together, or allow people to remove the items from this separate pool that the home screen pulls things from.

I have been hacked for the third time in the past two months and I'm about to lose it. I spend my hard-earned money on a Spotify subscription and this sh*t happens? This is completely unacceptable. You're going to lose all of your customers if you can't fix something as simple as clearing recently played items and protecting our accounts to prevent this mess in the first place. Seriously annoying dealing with getting hacked YET AGAIN.



That's exactly it. Talking about security, my question now is how closely
is the server that contains the user account login details (i.e. passwords)
vs. where the credit card information is stored... Is it the same, or is
there physical/secured separation?

Being able to retrieve credit card details (especially if passwords are
easily broken) seems pretty easy and the logical next step... part of a
larger problem that may be just waiting to happen.

Time for some clarity and action here Spotify...

This only partially works.  I still can't clear Recently Played from the Home screen, nor can I clean out the autogenerated playlists that are inspired by Recently Played.  There's also a playlist in Recently Played that I can't delete.  My account was hacked and why should I be constantly reminded of that?  This is infuriating.

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