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Interesting bug on iPhone lockscreen


Interesting bug on iPhone lockscreen

Hello everyone,

I've recently updated to Spotify 0.5.2 and noticed that the iPhone Spotify app is causing an issue on the iPhone lockscreen in regards to displaying the currently playing track name. When I begin to play the first song of an album, it plays correctly. If I then try to skip to the second track through the lockscreen, it also works correctly and the song name under the clock is updated correctly. However if I try to skip again to the third track, the third track begins to play but the second track's name still displays under the clock. I can skip forward and back at will from the lockscreen, but the second track's name will always be displayed. I thought this was iOS6's fault, but then I tested it on an iPod Touch 4G running 5.1.1 and got the same issue, which leads me to believe it was a Spotify bug. I then used iTunes to revert back to 0.5.1 on my iPhone running iOS6 and the issue has gone, further underlining the fact that (for me at least) it has been a bug introduced in 0.5.2. Can anyone replicate this bug? I'd like to see if a patch could be issued so I can get the new Radio feature without losing the ability to see my song name in the lockscreen.

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Do local tracks sync to the mobile app on MOG?  

Not that I'm aware of, but everything I used to have locally is now in their library (it wasn't before) so I've lost the need for that feature. The way I look at it now is, if a new album releases and it's not on MOG yet I'll just wait for it. I already pay $10/month for music so I won't be spending any more money on single albums. 


For some, this is probably a deal breaker since record labels are ludicrous enough to exclude themselves from the monthly subscription services, but I now feel that if you are foolish enough to exclude you music from services then you're foolish enough to exclude yourself from revenue. I simply won't pay for it.

Quick note: I'm totally with you guys in wanting to switch (for this silly bug that hasn't been fixed in nearly half a year along with a bunch of other reasons), but calling an artist "foolish" for not agreeing to participate in these streaming services is wrong.


Artists get next to nothing for a lot of this stuff (and I believe it's worse with Spotify than others).


Anyway, with that said, I really want to switch to Rdio but it seems they don't have any plans to add the ability to sync local tracks and that really sucks.

Unfortunately no. However, Mog has more licenses than Spotify and I haven't had any issues finding the music I did have. I listen to a lot of alternative music by the way.

Just finally signed up yesterday at Mog. So far, so good. I also can confirm this stupid track bug does not exist on Mog.


There are some pros/cons just FYI. The streaming rates for Mog are at 256/320kbps for mobile devices for Wifi-only. Streaming Mog over 3G is supposedly 48kbps AAC+(you read that right, 48), but I'm skeptical that it indeed that low. Of course, being a lover of audio quality, I like the best rate possible. However, in the car, it sounds great. I did side by side comparisons in my car using a common sample track - Spotify/Mog/Spotify/Mog all over bluetooth audio to the stereo in my G37. I could not detect a major difference and both services sound vastly better than XM satellite radio.


The interfaces are pretty different and the Mog client is pure HTML5/no thick client. This may be a pro or con to you depending on your preference.


So, anyway, once I'm fully moved over, I'll be dropping the Spotify service. No sense in paying for 2 services.

48k HE-AAC/AAC+ is not what you are thinking. AAC+ is different. It uses lower bit rates, but still has higher quality. The highest quality HE-AAC you can use is 64k.


If it was 48k MP3 it would be so garbled it wouldn't even be worth listening to. My best guess is that 48k HE-AAC/AAC+ is comparable to 256k MP3 in a sense (not precisely).

This is my first post on this foum. 


I too am getting really tired of this bug.


I mainly use Spotify at home and in my car. 


When in my car (2012 Mercedes-Benz C300) I connect through Bluetooth Audio which uses my phone's (Sprint iPhone 4S) A2DP profile.


I get this same error as everyone else. It will show artist and album but then gets stuck on same song name on the car LCD and phone lock screen.


This happens on local files as well (both MP3s and AACs I have tried) as that is mainly when I add a whole album into a playlist.


I would really appreciate a fix for this. I have converted many of my friends and coworkers to paying Spotify users from telling them how amazing it is, but I have been pretty frustrated lately with it.

It's genuinely hliarious that this has gone on as long as it has.

For a problem that paying customer's are experiencing it certainly doesn't seem to be a high priority at all.  Like many, I'll probably just let it eat at me for a long time until I cancel my service.  

That's what I did and I switched to mog. It doesn't have as many features but its works a lot better on the road so I think spotify has connection issues too. I'm about to give rdio a try too. Anyone have any insight?

Same here. Let it bug me for months until I couldn't take it anymore. Switched to Mog and canceled Spotify last week.


I tried both MOG and Rdio. I preferred the latter, but I didn't stick with them since they don't support syncing of local tracks. Might switch back and just accept that I'll need an alternate app for local music, though. This is nuts.

Spotify, You need to address this issue as well. Your latest update 11-6-12 fixed my "Track Only Available Online" bug but the lock screen track updating still exists. It only seems to happen on playlist past the second song. This does not happen when listening to Radio on Spotify. Each track updates correctly with Radio.

I would imagine it would be a small bug so get on with fixing it. I pay $120/year to be annoyed with not seeing the correct track name.

Why are you introducing new features without fixing the old problems, bugs, etc.??

I was hoping the latest update would resolve this issue, now it looks even worse with the elongated screen on the iPhone 5.

Another day, another update that doesn't address this issue.  It's becoming rather infuriating, as I plug my phone in to play music through my car, and the car stereo says the same thing as the lock screen.  I would very much like to have accurate song reporting so that if I'm listening to a new artist or album, I can know the name of the song I'm listening to without opening my phone while driving...  Guess I'll just wait for the next fruitless update...

Amazing. I understand why this wasn't considered a super high priority issue since it's fairly harmlesss, but it's been months and months. My primary music player can't manage to display the correct "Now Playing" information. This is as basic as it gets. Come on.

I love Spotify and it's quick become my main music app over the iPhone Music app. Itunes Match just doesn't live up to it's promise and everything in Spotify is easy. However, I love listening to albums, not playlists, and it looks like we're not a small group here from these posts. I have to agree this is such a simple feature, which used to work before, and now doesn't. May we please get an update on the progress of this bug? Or confirmation that it won't be addressed? 

Any comment on this matter from the support folk would be greatly appreciated.

I asked and got nothing useful. I've given up on Spotify completely. Rdio has vastly improved over the past few months and their catalog has caught up with Spotify. I'm finally unsubscribing from this thread. Good luck to you all. I'd highly suggest trying Rdio or Mog because both of their iPhone apps are fantastic and their catalogs are virtually identical. 

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