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Interesting bug on iPhone lockscreen


Interesting bug on iPhone lockscreen

Hello everyone,

I've recently updated to Spotify 0.5.2 and noticed that the iPhone Spotify app is causing an issue on the iPhone lockscreen in regards to displaying the currently playing track name. When I begin to play the first song of an album, it plays correctly. If I then try to skip to the second track through the lockscreen, it also works correctly and the song name under the clock is updated correctly. However if I try to skip again to the third track, the third track begins to play but the second track's name still displays under the clock. I can skip forward and back at will from the lockscreen, but the second track's name will always be displayed. I thought this was iOS6's fault, but then I tested it on an iPod Touch 4G running 5.1.1 and got the same issue, which leads me to believe it was a Spotify bug. I then used iTunes to revert back to 0.5.1 on my iPhone running iOS6 and the issue has gone, further underlining the fact that (for me at least) it has been a bug introduced in 0.5.2. Can anyone replicate this bug? I'd like to see if a patch could be issued so I can get the new Radio feature without losing the ability to see my song name in the lockscreen.


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The only solution I have found to this issue is one that was briefly mentioned earlier in this thread.


Search for and install "Spotify for IOS4".


This version does not include this very irritating defect, although iPhone5 users will have to deal with the app not consuming the full screen - something I'm willing to put up with.

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Also left Spotify for MOG.  Same selection, price, quality on much better software platform.  Thanks to previous posters for pointing us to MOG.  Bye

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Early 2013?! That's like... NOW! I've just pushed the button*. The 0.6 update is available now in the App Store, and will show the right track in your lock screen all day long. Along with some other new things. I'll lock this thread for now!



* I didn't push the button




Airhorn Enthusiast

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I'm having the same issue, I think. Even if I'm not skipping tracks, it seems that the lockscreen is usually displaying track info from an earlier song. If I open the app and then lock my phone again, the correct track info is displayed.

Same problem here. Drives me mad

Logged in to say this happens to me as well. Kind of annoying, as it worked prpoerly in the previous version.

This problem also causes the display on my car over A2DP to not change when the phone is locked. Very annoying as I look at this frequently when I'm listening to new music to know the track name. Now it just freezes on a previous track name. Also the track time never resets. For example, if I have 3 songs "song a" at 3 minutes long and "song b" and "song c" of the same lengths, my car display will say "song a" 8:59 by the time "song c" is finishing.

There is a lock screen bug. I think its time for them to admit it exists and fix it. Subscribers deserve as much.



Do you know of a way to roll back to the old version without the issue? I'm guessing the short answer is no from what little research which sucks considering it leaves the user no option to get back to the stable version.


I will be very careful to not update in the future unless there is a specific problem I'm having that is solved with an update.

Everytime I email them to alert them of the problem I get a reply telling me to restart my phone or reinstall the device. It is getting ridiculous.


Just tried this on an iOS device here.

It seems to be effecting playlist with more than two tracks with an artist. For example, place an entire album into a playlist. Go to the lock screen, and then skip tracks. Seems to get stuck on the second track.

However, go to a playlist with a mixture of different artists and try it again. It seems to skip through tracks as normal.

I've reported this to be looked into by our second line support.
Airhorn Enthusiast

The reason it works with a playlist of random stuff is because the changing of albums makes the track name change successfully. If you play two albums in a row, in order, the track name will get stuck on the second track of the first album, then once it finishes that album and starts the next one (regardless of artist, could be same or different), it will change the track name to the first track on the second album. Then it'll get stuck on the second track of that album. If you have a playlist that shuffles individual songs from all different albums, it will appear to work just fine because with each track change, it's an album change.

Thanks for reporting this David.


I definitely see this issue as well.  Doesn't just happen with just playlists, happens when you play albums (which I guess technically just play back as playlists anyway...).  Anyway thanks for looking in this!

It has been well over a month now with no resolution to this problem Very dissapointing.

I am having the same issue too! im cancelling my service until this is fixed. It is way too annoying, and as much as I boast about this service. I am very dissapointed they aren't able to be efficient enough to fix such an issue but they have no problem taking $10 from a poor college student who loves music. I've even asked them to fix the playlists so the new songs are on top. Obviously this isn't going to work for very much longer.

An update was released today and guess what. It does nothing to correct this problem. Thanks a lot for nothing. I am cancelling my service in 7 days.

I'm switching to Rdio until this is fixed. Once it is, I will be back.



Really? I can't believe it. I see that update today but haven't applied it since it mentions nothing about fixing this issue. I am now angry that they went trhough 2 entire release updates and almost 2 months without fixing this issue. Searching for alternatives now. I'm not paying for this any longer. It IS a big deal to me.



This drives me insane as well. I'm just so thankful that I saved a copy of 0.5.1 on iTunes so I can revert to that. It sucks that I can't use 0.5.4 or the new radio feature on 6.0 because of this annoying bug which hasn't seemed to have been noticed by the support team. What a shame.

Yeah it's getting kind of annoying to see the same song on the lockscreen. Same issue if you double tap in the homebutton and swipe right! can't believe they didn't solve this issue in the 0.5.4 version.

What would be really great is if Spotify had a proper bug reporting system for all their different platform applications.  



This is the last thing I'll say about this, but it's more than just the lock screen not changing (though it is more or less directly related). If you have a car with a display and bluetooth streaming, you will see the Artist, Album, Track Title, and Track Time on the screen. If you play a whole album like I do, you will see the first track locked on the screen and the time keeps incrementing. This means my display shows this by the time I'm on the last track:




First Track Name

74:00 and counting or basically the counting time of all songs put together



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