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Local Files Without Album Art (only on iOS)

Local Files Without Album Art (only on iOS)




United Kingdom


iPhone 7 Plus

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iOS 12.1.4


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I've seen multiple threads for this issue over the years, yet I still have not found a fix that works - so I suppose this is a final desperate attempt.


For local files, my album art is embedded into the .mp3 file (using Mp3tag) and it shows up fine on PC and looks great, but on mobile, despite the actual audio syncing fine, the album art is missing and instead I have the blank, grey music note.


I realise it's not a super big issue for some, but I really love the album art of all my music and I would like to see it. All previous threads advised embedding the art with the .mp3 file - so I did that, and it still doesn't work.


I'm open to any suggestions.



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I had this problem too, even though this post is old, and I finally found out what to do from Spotify's support team. It turns out most files don't show the art on mobile because the tags are bad. However, if you type in the tags manually with software like (the one they mentioned), then the resolution can be anything (as long as the image is square). The only downside is: I forgot to ask which tags were the problem, so if anyone else reads this, and knows which ones, that would be great.

Edit: Mp3tag has one that shows the picture as you add it, so if you use it, it doesn’t matter what the tag is called really.

I found the problem you have to make sure all the files are MP3 to fix it. I had a few MPEG-4 files and coverted them and it was fixed for me.

Have you tried it with ALAC and FLAC files?

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