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Non Facebook friends missing on iPhone5

Non Facebook friends missing on iPhone5

I just updated the spotify app on my iPhone 5 and all of my friends who do not have Facebook have disappeared from my friends list. I can't find them to share music with them... Will you guys be sending another update soon to resolve this issue? Thanks


it has been over a year and a half, someone marked this as solved.. this is definitely not solved. is this even being worked on???

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Another few months, and still no answer from Spotify.

i just logged in on a PC to see that my issue i logged almost 2 years ago has been marked as solved. this issue has not been solved. are you seriously telling me this issue cant be fixed on iOS?? this is ridiculous.

I posted the below over a year and a half ago and it was marked as solved, this issue has NOT been solved so i am reposting it here:


I just updated the spotify app on my iPhone 5 and all of my friends who do not have Facebook have disappeared from my friends list. I can't find them to share music with them... Will you guys be sending another update soon to resolve this issue? Thanks


Now I am on an iPhone 6, spotify has had countless updates since my original post and this issue is clearly not seen as a priority and even though someone out there is aware nobody has done anything about it or given us a timeline. Can someone offer some real help here?

Hey @Madcrazy729 could you please confirm exactly which Spotify version you have installed on your iPhone? 


Are you able to share with those friends on other devices, on your Desktop app for example? 


Are you getting any errors messages when you try to share to those users on the iPhone? If you could post a screenshot that would also be very helpful. Thanks!

Spotify 2.6.0 latest available for iPhone

I am able to share in all other devices (android and desktop) with non facebook users.

These users do not show up on my iPhone for me to share with them.

Hi Spotify, any progress on this?

Seriously, can we get an update on this. Its very aggrevating.



I am able to find non-facebook friends on the web client, but not on the iphone app.





Same here, can't share on mobile with non-facebook users. It's 2012-like behaviour, locking people into using facebook. Yuck. Bad for your image Spotify, very bad.

Spotify Cares and Spotify Tech have both recognised this issue and have promised "fix" for almost a year now. Please don't tell me we are back at the "can you provide screen shots" of the problem. Please restore the "send to Spotify people" functionality and stop insisting that we are logged in via Facebook. We pay for Spotify and have no connection with Facebook.

Wow, just noticed that Rorey from Spotify posted in November 2013 that they were working on a solution for this... Guess that wasn't really true then? What's the story spotify?

New iOS version (3.4.0) installed today and still no fix. Spotify, what do we have to do to get it fixed?

Apple Music service allows for sharing without Facebook. And the family pricing is cheaper than spotify. I'm thinking that the 3 month free test run is worth checking out.

...and I'm not just a troll here. I posted to this thread back in August 2013 with the original work around that is now broken as well - and started another thread on this topic that has merged with this one. Frustrated beyond belief - and I pay for 5 premium accounts.

Hello Spotify,

It's been about 2 years since this original post about working on sharing a track with a fellow spotify user without being connected to Facebook.
There are a lot of us out there that enjoy the tunes but enjoy "tuning out" of Facebook. Can you please update on the progress?
Thank you

It's never gonna be fixed. It's been like this for more like 3 years. Spotify want to tap into the however many billion users Facebook have. They're just lazy and never update the app properly to completely take away the option to share with non Facebook friends or followers. I've moved over to apple music. It doesn't have the ability to share songs through the app either but it's better in other ways. It streams properly and doesn't secretly store unwanted songs on your phone to save their own bandwidth like spotify which is really annoying when you have a 16gb phone! I don't have to delete the app and re download everything every couple of weeks now. First 3 months are free too!

We'll wait Spotify! No problem, we're dumb.. We'll pay. It's probably very hard to change 1 line of code.

It's been 2 years, still can't message anyone using Spotify despite paying premium for so long. Meanwhile there's ridiculous subscription offers which make me wish I should've quit premium earlier. Wake up and fix it!

Having the same issue. Please fix this

I hope you get Family Premium now. It is like a buy one get one free. Its only $19.99 for 3 Premium subscriptions! Facebook or not 🙂

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