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Non Facebook friends missing on iPhone5

Non Facebook friends missing on iPhone5

I just updated the spotify app on my iPhone 5 and all of my friends who do not have Facebook have disappeared from my friends list. I can't find them to share music with them... Will you guys be sending another update soon to resolve this issue? Thanks


it has been over a year and a half, someone marked this as solved.. this is definitely not solved. is this even being worked on???

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I have recently withing the last 4 days lost the ability to share and message with non facebook using friends on spotify from my mobile device. This is happening with ios as well as android phones... 

After updating ipad and iPhone my friends are no longer there!! Help!

Hi Benallen62 - I've just moved your post into this similar thread. 


We're gathering more info on this at the moment. We'll post here the moment we get more info--thanks!

Hi Tmoore916 - I've just moved your post to this more relevant thread--when we have an update on this on we'll post again here. Thanks!

I have exactly the same issue as the others and it's been for a month or so. What is happening? Will it be fixed? if yes, when? 

Spotify Version:

iphone: 5

IOS: 7.0.2


I have saved a friend who is not on facebook by using my desktop.  But when I utilize my phone (iPhone 5), I am not able to locate this friend.  Can someone please help???  This is very frustrating by all means. 

Hi @mrbop6173 I've moved your post to another thread of similar problems. Spotify are still looking into the cause of this.

Well it's been months since I've been able use the social side of spotify now. I don't use Facebook or Twitter. There have been several updates since my friends disappeared and none of this has been addressed. The desktop version seems to be a completely different beast now with its "followers" instead of friends and its fancy messenger style inbox. Did we forget about the iOS app? Good to see the people paying the extra for premium accounts are getting the least investment.

I know and I sympathise. I think the main reason for the delay is that this issue has only really come to light in recent weeks, even though the feature disappeared, as you say, months ago. The situation is the same on android. I'm sure this will be fixed in future release and we just have to wait.

I got the same problem on both my iPhone and iPad. jwylot you say you are "sure this will be fixed", and I sympathise myself (for your concern), but I just wonder if somebody can confirm Spotify is working on this, preferably with high priority? It seems to me that nobody can share tracks with their Spotify friends, it's been going on for months, and nobody noticed? I may be wrong, but I believe I've seen users complaining about this here before... and I don't want this to be another overlooked post 🙂

Any news on this people? How do I complain to spotify?

Haven't had an iOS update in a while - I'm hoping that a fix for Friends will be included in the next Spotify app update.

Yet another pointless update last night and I'm still unable to share music. One icon is now green instead of grey. Absolutely pathetic. This is the same for android users as well. Spotify mobile is now completely tied to Facebook. Clearly this is a ploy to get people to sign in via Facebook and they've no intention of fixing it. Time to quit my premium subscription I think. Shame

Me too.  I'm so frustrated.  I not only pay for my account, I pay for another account for a friend, and the social side of this is about the only reason we use Spotify.  I don't understand.  It isn't even working on the desktop side of things for me.  It would be nice if there was a way for paid users to actually talk to somebody, or for Spotify to manage our expectations.  I have a friend that works at Slacker and I'm begging him to get Slacker to offer some of the cool social collaboration tools that drew me to Spotify....

The desktop (mac) version's share functions and inbox work for me but I don't need to pay through the nose and have a premium account for that version... The person I regularly share with doesn't even do Facebook so this is a total deal breaker for me.

Agree, agree and agree with above. Spotify could at least come clear and just say that Facebook will be only option from now on. However, I don't get why there can't be two options - sharing via Facebook and sharing via spotify users. A real shame!

@perssonh I don't think this was deliberate. I'm hoping for some news on this too for my android.

Hello everyone. Spotify here. We're working on fixing this issue and we'll update the thread as soon as we have more information. If you're new to this thread, please let us know if you're also experiencing this issue by posting a comment. Thanks!



Same issues. Just want the ability to share songs via my iPhone! That's all. Thanks!

I use spotify wihout any connection to facebook. Just the way I want it 🙂 Previously I was able to send songs to spotify friends but since a while back my friend list in the IOS-client is empty and there is no way to send any songs to anyone. In my windows and osx client the message function works fine and I'm able to send songs to my friends.

Why is it not working in the spotify client?

And don't suggest that I log in with facebook! Just don't.

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