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Offline albums desync

Offline albums desync

Hi, I'm new to the forums and I'm simply here to solve this problem once and for all, since it's getting quite annoying. At least one time a week my offline albums (downloaded albums) completely desync and I have to go through the boring process of selecting the albums I want to have on offline mode just for spotify to fail again and desync my albums as soon as I'm done with the whole thing.

Anyone can help? I'm doing this from my iPhone 6s.

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Hey @AgustinSebastia, welcome to the Community; help's at hand!


To check, is it just your albums that desync, or do playlists in Offline Mode also vanish?



We'd also suggesting checking out the steps under “Downloads unexpectedly removed” here. They should help you with this.





I recently experienced the same problem. Only offline albums are deleted. Playlists are still available offline. It is just the download that is removed. The album is still available in my library. I checked that only three devices are registered for offline usage and the SD card of my phone works fine. (as already mentioned for playlists everything works fine)

It is a really annoying issue as I do not want to download all chosen albums twice a week.


My device runs on Android 4.4.4

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