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Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 1.4.0

Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 1.4.0

iOS Release Notes
What's new in version 1.4.0
  • New: You can now view and control your Play Queue. (iPhone)
  • New: To avoid duplicates, we'll ask you to confirm if you add a song to a playlist twice. (iPhone)
  • New: Say hello to sorting and filtering in Your Music. (iPhone)
  • Fictitious: This app is obsessed with penguins.

#iOS #1.4.0 #ReleaseNotes
Important to note
  • We are looking into fixing iPad rotation with version 1.5, but keep in mind it may slip to a later update.
  • Filtering and sorting in Your Music is not rolled out to everyone yet. We'll be rolling it to more users every day. Apologies for any confusion.

Update for version 1.4.1: Only some minor backend fixes.

Community Ergo Sum
101 Replies

Hi there, 


With release 1.4.0 the "Your Music" has been improved much! (It was seriously lacking functionality) I am still missing one essential feature. The ability to save an entire album in "Your Music", but only have one or a few tracks saved offline, e.a. to be able to choose which songs are available offline.  (iOs/Android). 




I want to save one or maybe even all albums of an antist to "Your Music" to build my collection, but i only want to have a few tracks (of each album) made available offline. 


I'd like to see an easy and fast way to make single songs available offline throughout  "Your Music".  


Suggestion 1: Douple tap a song to maken it offline available / remove it from offline 

Suggestion 2: Create a "slide for options". Slide over a song to view options like "make/remove available offline", "delete" 




Hi Per. You refer, on " Important note" , that Spotify is looking for Ipad rotation. I have an Ipad and the last Spotify version. I don't see any bug on it. But one thing is strange: each time I open the App Spotify the screnn opens always in Vertical mode even if I leave it one minute ago in Horizontal mode. Is this that you refer is going to be fix? Thank you.



Definitely happy to see Spotify giving their iOS (iPhone) customers a little love with the rollout of Your Music Sorting to this platform.  Maybe next time, iOS can rate higher up on your Android-Priority delivery roadmap.  We can always dream...


Overall the sorting works well, but the app. has crashed on me at least 4 times in the last day.  This has occurred primarily when adding a number of albums (7-10 at a time) to Your Music, and after an average time period of 10-15 minutes.  I have also noticed while accessing the app. running in background, it will open and then go back to background mode (still running).  I have also seen a few Off Line screens which require a app. reload to correct.


The other thing I noticed is Spotify needs to add some better way of scrolling through a large number of albums in Your Music (when sorted by Last Added).  If there was a date index on the right side of screen, or maybe provide a fast scroll option (just a thought).


And we finally have access to the Play Queue, but not really sure how much help it is in the current implementation.  The Spotify Play Queue has always been a mystery to many, and I can see the same questions popping up all over again (why does it work that, don't need to respond).  It would be help to move ALL tracks in the queue, and not just the ones you add after the fact.  So for example, when play an album and then view the play queue, I can see all the album tracks (but cannot move them around).  If you then queue a track or two, you can move those up and down but only within the recently queue tracks.  And the BIG question is, Why can't I queue an album?????  The Play Queue function is NOT album friendly....


Spotify, any plans to add Album reviews to any of your platforms?  You must be the only music service not providing this feature.  And while you're at it, can you please increase the Artist Bio font size on iOS so it's readable by human eyes?


Thanks, Phil


Spotify client

iOS 7.1.1 on iPhone 5







i was a member of premium. but you and spotifiy developer had an interesting idea "your music" yes where is my music on ipad. are you high?
i use deezer and their app is useful, at least i can use that on my ipad and iphone. i will continue to move my playlists via spotizr.
you don't say anythin your customers but you have to explain what is going on. maybe you won't update spotify for ipad....

Minor little issue I noticed, when playing a track from the Albums tab in Your Music, the artist and album seem to be swapped around so the "playing from" description sounds a bit strange:


Should be "Immersion by Pendulum", not "Pendulum by Immersion" 😉


Pendulum is the artist and Immersion is the album. Only occurs when you navigate to the track from Albums, as the description just mentions the artist when you navigate from Artists, and it says "Playing from Your Music: Songs" when navigating from Songs.


Seems to occur with any other tracks I've tried as well when playing from Albums.


Hopefully it's a quick enough fix that it can be fixed in the next update!

Problems with volume and airplay menu with basic login in ios app v 1.4.0

The developers should be aware of the title swapping bug. Hopefully it'll be fixed in the next update.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I still haven't had the filtering update 😞 What is the time scale for it being rolled out?

Where is the filtering function in the latest version? I can`t find it??



You may not have it yet as they are doing a phased rollout.  When you have the sorting option, you should be able to pull down on the screen in Album and Artist view, and see an indicator on top right to display the sorting options.


Regards, Phil

Ok ,thanks for the fast reply Phil.

So, does this mean that the playlists won`t get the filtering function but only album & artist view?




Sorry but I didn't even notice that Playlists also have sorting feature.  The options are by Name, or Custom which is how you arranged them.  You can also view Playlists that are available offline.


Regards, Phil

Thanks for the queue control! I've been silently wanting this feature on iOS.
Favorite bands: Keane, Two Door Cinema Club, Muse, Needtobreathe

filtering would be better if it applied to contents in sub folders. I have playlists organized in folders. If I want to find something I have to first know which folder, open it up, and then filter. I'd love it if I could use filter from the top of my playlists and it would show results from sub folders. You know, like searching for files on a computer. Instead the current implementation of filters is only useful in Your Music. Seems to me like spotify only half heartedly supports folders ( no way to drag a playlist to a different folder in iOS app for example). And the lack of Your Music in the iPad app, after all this time, is maddening. Your Music is heavily pushed in the iPhone app, but completely missing on iPad? For now I simply don't use it on iPad. But if this keeps dragging on I may explore alternatives. A shame since these gripes aside I've generally been quite happy w spotify.

So, what are the changes in release 1.4.1? 🙂

Whatever it is I still can't organise my playlists? I know this is being rolled out but it's nearly been a week now? Ridiculous

Update for version 1.4.1: Only some minor backend fixes.

Community Ergo Sum

> Update for version 1.4.1: Only some minor backend fixes.


Does this include a fix where Spotify's song list freezes every hour or so, and thus user is required to restart Spotify? I'm using iPad Air with iOS 7.1.2. This freezing problem started with Spotify 1.4.0.

What's the intended behaviour of the play queue in this context? You use the filter box to find a song to listen to. Say you end up filtering the song list down to about ten tracks with the same word in it. You play a song from that view. When you open the play queue, it shows those ten tracks in the queue (shuffled or not). 


You leave the song playing, and go back to the filtered song list. You clear the filter box, and go back to the now playing screen and open the play queue. The play queue still shows the filtered song list in the queue. You can't clear it until you change to another track that's not in the queue already.


In the desktop app, the play queue dynamically updates if you play a song from a filtered view. So if you clear the filter, the play queue updates itself to reflect the change in the filter. Wouldn't it make sense for the iOS app to do the same thing?

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