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Search will not function, but other functions will

Search will not function, but other functions will

Hello folks. My iOS (7.4, jailbroken but if that matters then I will just switch services) device Spotify began acting up recently.
At any time that I use the search function (on Verizon Wireless USA LTE or WiFi) it will say "an error occurred" after searching for about 20 seconds. All other functions preform properly. Music will play when I choose it from a playlist or browse mode.
I have attempted the following:
Hard reset of my iPhone 5 (x10)
Closing Spotify then reopening (x30)
Logging out then logging into Spotify (x5)
Logging out, then resetting phone, then logging in (x3)

I did not change any packages or the OS in any way before it began to stop functioning.
I appreciate the help.
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V 9.4.25

I also reinstalled the app.

I have the same issue on my iPhone (4s and not jail broken). I shut my phone down, deleted and re-installed the app and it STILL won't search. I pulled Spotify up on my Laptop and it searches fine (a little slow but can still search). FYI I have Spotify Premium. Might be an iPhone issue. 

You're not alone, I have the issue too.  It appearts to be accross all platforms.  I'm in the US.  Hopefully it's just temporary, as many of these types of feature outages seem to be.

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I appreciate the feedback. I was close to just switching to beats and taking the hour to manually convert my playlists...
That being said. Spotify as a company should really make this up to us. I have been without the ability to use the service for a day and could easily take my business elsewhere.
Once again, thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.


No problem- from what I understand, Beats has their own issues with downtime and outages- can't speak to it directly though.

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

Should be back up and running now. This is actually the first proper downtime for a feature for quite a while if memory serves.

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