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Sharing a song in Spotify with non-Facebook users

Sharing a song in Spotify with non-Facebook users

Hello! I haven't found this answer on the web so I think this might be a new suggestion. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

I'm on the iOS mobile app, and I can't seem to share a song with my friends that have a Spotify account but not a Facebook. (I can do this on the desktop version just fine, but not the mobile.) I don't mean emailing or texting them, I mean that I can't send them a song directly in Spotify to their Spotify inbox. When I go to Share and then Spotify People, none of my friends' usernames show up. I theorize that this is because they don't have Facebook accounts.

Will someone at Spotify make sending Spotify users over mobile possible? Or maybe just to people who follow you? ...maybe you could separate people/artists you "follow" from your friends and create an exclusive "friends" list?

Thank you for your help and consideration!
--Katherine (RockingRoyalty)

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Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉

Would definitely help me put my friends on some better music easier. But then the page that opens from the link would have to be inviting for like a one-time listen or something. Offer the membership ad after a 1 to 3 listening limit. You gotta catch people when they desire the service IN THE MOMENT spotify!

I would pay to not have to connect with Facebook

I have the same issue.  It is frustrating this functionality is missing from the app when it works well in the desktop version.  I expect the messaging to work seamsly regardless of the login mechanism.


Thank you for considering this feature!



I agree, I experience the same issue too.  The interface is a bit misleading as it is lableled "Spotify People" .   At least enable this functionality for paying users?


make it happen make it rain.



Absolutely agree with TC. I cant share a music with non-facebook friends and I have to postpone sharing until I come back home and use desktop app.

I looking forward for this feature to be available in further updates. 

I would love to see this feature! Sharing music is half the fun of Spotify, and I have a few friends/followers/followees whom I cannot share music with directly from my phone.


Please fix! Thanks!

This drives me crazy but it's not a mistake, it's an attempt to make you hook up via Facebook, a partnership which is central to spotify's strategy. E.g. see Happy to be proved wrong, but it's *very* unlikely the app designers aren't aware of this, and it's not exactly difficult to fix. If and when I leave Spotify, inability to share easily on mobile (sending a link to email is not good enough) will be the primary reason.

According to Spotify, they have been working on a fix for this issue since October last year:

Yes. Why Spotify? Why is it so difficult to communicate with premium users of your service who are not synced with facebook? This is BS. If we pay you we should be able to utilize all your services regardless of our facebook status.

Sharing to Canada completey broken?


I have 3 canadian spotify users i turned on so we could share and i cant seem to share by their user name ( NOT FB screennane) is anyone able ot share to Canada from the US?

Yes, please make this possible Spotify!! Facebook sucks, which is why I disconnected from them. 

Very much needed! 🙂

I am a Premium customer for 2 years. just got my Mum and Aunty in Switzerland to join. They both  only use iPad and don't have/want a Facebook profile. Would love to send each other songs. Please enable this,Spotify?

I love spotify.  Hell, I love facebook.  This issues is making me consider cancelling my premium membership.  I have many friends who for one reason or another have chosen to stay off social media like FB, but made the jump to spotify.  As a professional musician I love to share music with my friends and need to be able to do so on the go.  I feel very strongly that this should not be tied to FB or any other social media.  If they pay as premium members, who cares if they are on FB?  Can someone from Spotify please post a response to this?

Yes this is lame. Kinda like how Facebook is lame.

Just converted my Mum to premium. She loves it but I promised her I'd be sending her loads of music. Hope it comes soon ; )

Same problem with android. Some time ago sharing music with spotity friends without facebook worked well. Now this options seems to be kicked. Looks like I'm not the only one how wants to be NOT connected to facebook!

@Spotify Devs: What's the current implementation status for social sharing on mobile devices?


I just bought the family option and can't share with my other paid accounts, that i use on different mobile devices. That should be fixed and i know you have quite talented devs 😉

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