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Shuffle in iPhone app randomly stops playing

Shuffle in iPhone app randomly stops playing


When shuffling a playlist in the iOS app, the app will randomly freeze on a song and stop playing. The progress bar will be empty and pressing the pause/play button does nothing (see screenshot). Pressing the skip button always progresses to the next track, sometimes that song starts playing and sometimes it doesn't. Happens in both Offline and connected modes.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, force restarting the phone (pressing and holding power and home), as well as dumpping all the offline stored content in the app and redownloading offline access.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. Choose any playlist and tap shuffle play.

2. Random song starts playing.

3. When song is done playing and the app progresses to the next song in the list, sometimes it plays and sometimes it "freezes" as described above.

4. "T've Gotte Be Me" by Ryan Tedder is one song that ALWAYS freezes and I cannot get it to play, even if I just find the song in my playlist and tap on it. See screenshot.


What I expected to happen

Obviously this is not anticipated operation.


My iPad/iPhone model

iPhone 5


Device’s Operating System

iOS 6.1.4


Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?

I have around 20 playlists and 4 to 5 of those are synced for offline play.



My mobile Spotify version


My provider and country

In the US, on Verizon. Traveling in the UK, on Virgin. This bug is on WiFi and I never play Spotify on my cell service without "offline mode" being active.


My username


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Thanks for the report, I'll have a look.

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Per, any news? I feel sort of jipped in paying for Premium and really being unable to use my app.

This doesn't seem to be a known issue, so I don't have a quick fix. I have to start the internal bug process, file a bug, get QA to look at it, try to reproduce it, and so on.

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Is there a way I can provide diagnositcs from within the app or anything else to help find the issue?

@NakeiferW wrote:

Is there a way I can provide diagnositcs from within the app or anything else to help find the issue?

I wish; but your initial post was very helpful.

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I remembered a few hours ago that I actually did an iCloud restore to a new iPhone a week ago and wondered if that might have something to do with it.


So I signed out of the Spotify iOS app, deleted the app from my iPhone, force restarted the phone, reinstalled the app, logged back into my account and selected the playlists I wanted Offline and now everything seems to be working normally again! 


I'll come back to this post if I see anymore issues through the week.

Is this fixed yet?
I've got the exact same problem.

I'm going to try NakeiferW's solution.

Hopefully it works.

If not, I'll update here 🙂

Exact same problem here.


What's up? Is there already a solution for this issue?


I´ve noticed that especially tracks that I imported from my former iTunes library didn't play. Due to this most of them were tracks that were synced as local data to my iPhone..


Really disappointed about this.. 12CHF a month is definitely to much if local synchronization works like this.

NakieferW's solutions has worked for me so far:


1. Sign out of the Spotify iOS app

2. Delete the app from your iPhone

3. Force restart the phone

4. Reinstall the app

5. Log back into your account

6. Select the playlists you want Offline

If I run into the problem again, I'll come back to post about it here.

Also having the same problem and agree it happens more on songs imported from my Itunes library. 


It is very frustrating as it means you can't just leave spotify playing as playlist. 


Can you notify when there is a solution

Same problem here. Spotify just stops playing during synced shuffle play. Stops at the start of a song even though the play/pause button shows its playing. Its very annoying.

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