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Spotify for Apple Watch not recognizing Bluetooth headphones anymore

Spotify for Apple Watch not recognizing Bluetooth headphones anymore




iPhone 12 Pro and Apple Watch SE (2023)

iOS 16.5.1 for iPhone and WatchOS 9.5.2



Hi, none of the Bluetooth devices (which work, as I checked using Apple Music on the same Apple Watch) are recognized by Spotify on Apple Watch, while this used to work in previous versions of Spotify on Apple Watch. It only seems to recognize Wifi enabled devices.


What I already tried

1. Completely removing Spotify, hard reset iPhone and Apple Watch

2. Removing Bluetooth devices and re-pairing them

3. Testing both with the iPhone around and away from the iPhone.

4. Making sure the Bluetooth devices are not connected to any other device (they were not paired with the iPhone to begin with).

5. Wifi off

6. Airplane mode


As said, it used to work with the same devices.

Without this the app is basically useless to me. As said the Apple Music app works fine with same BT-devices.

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Hi there @RGMUSIC,


Thanks for reaching out. As shown here, some versions of the Apple Watch app have shown such issues. Make sure that you are using the latest versions of all apps. If the issue persists, please let us know which exact version you are using and when approximately the behaviour first occurred. Some screenshots/pictures would be very helpful too.


Let us know how it goes. 

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Hi Joan,


1. I am using latest versions of all apps, and all Apple operating systems (not-beta)

2. I havent used this function since halfway through March (bought it on March 11). But it worked at that time. So a Spotify version somewhere between that time and now has messed up Spotify on Apple Watch to recognize Bluetooth headsets that are directly connected to the Apple Watch as devices to output the sound.


3. Not sure what you are expecting regarding screenshots, but here are some screenshots. You can see the Mpow H12 is directly connected successfully tot the Apple Watch, yet Spotify on Apple Watch does not recognize it (anymore) as a sound output device. To check it is not related to the Mpow H12, I have tried different Bluetooth headsets with the same result. The  Spotify app only seems to recognize Wifi-devices (the Samsung and Shield from the screenshot). 


4. A quick search on the internet seems to suggest more people are having problems in having the Spotify Watch app recognize Bluetooth devices directly. 


The whole point for many of the Apple Watch Spotify app is to be able to listen directly to your music without needing to have your iPhone with you (avoiding damage in the gym etc.)

3. Spotify app does not see Bluetooth headsets as output device.jpg
1. Connect to Bluetooth and device recognized as headphone.jpg
2. Apple Watch has the headset as the Audio output device.jpg

Hi Joan, see post underneath



Thank you for keeping in touch and for the info you shared.


Could you please un-pair everything from the Apple Watch except the headphones to check if that makes a difference?


In case you're still experiencing this, we'd suggest that you turn your Bluetooth off and then back on again in the watch OS system settings. 


Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you. 

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Same issue with iPhone 15 Pro and Apple Watch Ultra 2, with premium Spotify account.

Same issue here, Spotify sucks. Headphones are  connected to Apple watch series 7 but when I play music, it plays on the iPhone. The apple watch does not appear in the device list. Sort yourselves out Spotify.

Same issue here. Headphones are paired correctly but Spotify on Apple Watch Ultra 2 saying no Bluetooth headphones are paired.

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