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Spotify iphone app very buggy on iPhone 5 (slow to skip songs, crashes regularly, etc.)

Spotify iphone app very buggy on iPhone 5 (slow to skip songs, crashes regularly, etc.)

I am a premium customer and recently upgraded to version on my iPhone 5 and I've been experiencing several problems. First, it takes a really long time to switch between songs (in the previous version it was instantaneous). Second, the songs will sometimes skip while playing, as if my phone was having trouble processing the track (again not a problem in the previous version). Finally, the app crashes fairly regularly. Probably once per day on average. The problem seems to be exacerbated when I try to skip one or two songs in a row.


I wonder if there's a way to switch back to the previous app or otherwise fix these problems? I've loved Spotify up until now, but I'm afraid I'll have to cancel my subscription if I can't get these serious bugs worked out. It's made Spotify virtually unusable.

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I'm having the exact same issues, takes multiple seconds to switch songs, even for offlined playlist content. From usuage i would guess it has something to do with loading extraneous data such as album artwork, The app seems to switch songs faster if i'm not displaying album artwork, however it still is so slow its almost unusable.

I was wondering if someone was having the same bugs!! This bugs should be worked out asap! It's really annoying

Same here, on ipad air.... Lags,, locks up entire iPad, skipping music due to inability to decode faster than it can be heard
Can't do anything on the iPad without it stopping for a senior moment. Locking entire iOS for over 5 mins forcing me to hard reset iPad.
Being the and that my device is spec'd by apple at duel core 1.4 64bit & 1gb ram... I'm leaning to budget app.
So all in all spotify is just poorly made (the application) and has a long way to come even as a free service (has recently come available) I still think ill throw it out if some improvements can't be made.

Mark Zuckerberg : you have truly come across a revolutionary idea / dream here... Sack your programmers they are ruining the view. Far more beta testing would have exposed this CLEAR AS DAY.

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