Unable to keep screen awake when playing music in foreground and plugged in

Unable to keep screen awake when playing music in foreground and plugged in


I've always had my iphone plugged in in my car listening to spotify (as the foreground app) as I drive and the screen has always stayed awake...untill about a week ago.


Now, when my iphone is plugged in and playing spotify (as the foreground app) the screen turns off as per my usual 30 second sleep time. Google maps still seems to be able to keep my screen awake when it's being used and plugged in in my car, as usual, but Spotify has stopped working!


What has changed, was this part of Spotify update, was it always a bug for me, or is the new behaviour a bug?


I really want to keep my screen awake (when it's plugged in) and playing!

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Hi @Justinseals,


Hope you are doing well. This has indeed changed. A workaround would be to change auto-lock to "never" under your phone settings. It's not a very elegant solution, and you would likely have to remember to change it when you're not driving. If you'd like to see this feature come back, I would suggest adding a new idea over at the Idea Exchange. 


Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I hope this at least answers some of the questions you had. 




Preventing auto lock at the system level is unacceptable and for those of us with managed devices, impossible.


please restore this functionality Spotify!


Agree! This is so annoying to have to wake up and unlock the screen when you want to do anything. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!! 


This is NOT a viable solution. There are very good reasons to have auto-lock as a default setting in iOS itself, namely security. Manually changing that setting every time you use Spotify is cumbersome and you run the risk of forgetting to change it back again. It makes a lot more sense to have a setting within the app itself (as other apps such as Pandora have) with which the user can turn off auto-lock while the app is in use, reverting to iOS defaults when the app is not in use. 

For reference, I listen to music at my desk while I am working, with my phone on its charger streaming to a Bluetooth speaker. I like to have the screen on so I can quickly see what is playing, pause the music, skip tracks, give a song a thumbs up, etc. It is a lot harder to do that in Spotify than in other music apps.


spotify is not listening to the people... we have to change player 😞


Bump. I want this. It’s a lot easier to swipe to the next song in the car than to wake up the screen and find the little skip button on the Lock Screen player.


Bumping this again!! Spotify, we’d really love this feature—while playing music using your app on our phones, we don’t want our phones to lock and go to a black screen. Thanks!

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