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app crashes only when using wifi on ios 9.2

app crashes only when using wifi on ios 9.2

the issue started about 4 days ago out of no where. came home and tried to open the app but it crashed every time. it brings up the loading icon, freezes for a couple seconds, then closes the app. it still runs in the background but doesnt show what was shown before the crash, it shows what was being done before i closed it last. i tried every possible fix i could find on the forums. i tried switching the language off and back to english on my phone, tried opening it in airplane mode, tried reinstalling the app multiple times, tried rebooting my phone between installs as well. i tried turning off my wifi and using data to open the app and listen to music and it worked fine. i started playing music, turned my wifi back on and went back to the app and it crashed again. i have no idea what could possibly be causing this. please help.

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It may sound stupid, but have you tried running the app with the wifi off and only using your mobile data?

The crashing started happening again on my iPhone and when I turned the app on without wifi it worked oddly enough. Now if only I could get it to work on my iPad too.

yeah it works fine on data, however i need to download 2000 songs again and i cant very well do that on my trashy data connection. tried mucking with some stuff on my router's settings since it works on other people's wifi connections but had no luck. hopefully a patch will come out and fix it some how...

@alptud @leafeknight7, what internet provider do you use?

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