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[iOS]Spotify says pairing successful, but Apple TV is still stuck on activation code screen.

[iOS]Spotify says pairing successful, but Apple TV is still stuck on activation code screen.

Hello. After my spotify app wouldn't load up, I uninstalled it restarted my apple tv, then reinstalled the spotify app. It directed me to go to I logged in, input the code, and received a message saying pairing was successful you can close this page. However, on the Apple Tv, it has not moved from the activation code screen. If I close it and attempt to reopen, it just gives me another code to try again. But again, doesn't work. I saw on another thread about this in June 2020 that it was supposed to be a fixed issue. It isn't for me. Thanks for assisting. 

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I’m also having this issue.


I go through the pairing steps, it says I should be done, but the Apple TV never leaves the activation code page. If I navigate away, I have to start the process over. No resolution. It seems like this is a reoccurring problem. I’m current on the OS, I have restarted the device, I have reinstalled the app- no change.


Newest download off App Store.

Apple TV 4K A1842

OS 14.7


Hi folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Can you perform a factory reset on the TV. After that make sure you update to the latest firmware possible and try installing Spotify again.


If that doesn't change anything, try connecting the TV to another network, like a mobile hotspot and try again.


Let us know how it goes.



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I had the same problem too where on my computer it said that I had paired to my PS5 but on the PS5 it just showed the steps on how to pair your computer to the PS5 and the 6-digit code to pair the computer to the PS5. Hopefully this problem gets fixed. it's easier to hear music from a TV than it is to hear music from a computer(I have a hearing problem, my ears just sometimes 'die'. XD)

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