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spotify not scrobbling to on newest version of Spotify


spotify not scrobbling to on newest version of Spotify

its not working at all. i tried deleting spotify, restarted my phone, taking my username out of my social and putting it back, etc. It just doesn't scrobble

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What is going on with Spotify? First their desktop update is an utter fail, and now the app is having problems too? I used to think Spotify was ahead of the curve, but now its competitors are looking more and more appealing after every update. It's sad that I'm now researching alternatives, but I'm not going to continue paying for features that don't work.

I could agree with liking the iOS app, but there is one big flaw in the UI that realy annoyes me. There is the menu button in the top left. Actually it is realy handy, but sadly spotify made it dissapear as soon as I enter a playlist or anything. In this case it takes me at least two steps to reach the main menu. In some cases up to 5 seps, to swing my self back to the main menu like tarzan.

And it would be great to be able to search my playlists.

And it would be great to get search suggestions in the search that is allready implemented.

I only just found out today, I have lost so many scrobblers, this sucks big time! Sort it out!

I think you actually can get to the menu from any playlist. Just swipe from left to right, it should pull the menu up.

Seriously, Spotify.  I'm severely disappointed it is taking you this long to fix something YOU BROKE.  It's not like we're clamoring for a new feature or that you put in a new feature that isn't working properly. We're simply asking you to fix an established feature that a new release broke.

Two things are glaringly obvious... 1) Your test plans/scripts suck. The QC team should be ashamed. 2) It was pretty quickly pointed out by users after your release that at least one key feature broke. Why not roll back?


I've been a Spotify advocate since it was invite/code access only. I have spread the word to all my aquaintances and convinced many people to sign up for premium. I can no longer endorse you.  


Today, I myself am signing up for Rdio to give that a shot. I'll be canceling Spotify premium before my next billing cycle if not fixed by then.

I'm getting tired of waiting.

It's been a week since the broken update and nothing from Spotify. It's actually quite pathetic, I've seen quick fixes on free apps in less than a day, but a premium subscription app and nothing at all after a week. Spotify clearly does not care about this. I hope that everyone affected by this issue gives Rdio or another service a try.

I'm a student with not much money to throw around, yet here I am paying out for a service that has been unusable for a week now. Yet Spotify tell me 'wait for the next update' - when the hell is this update? Does this mean I will be without my scrobbling for weeks? You inform us a few days ago that you have fixed the problem - so why on earth has an updated app not been released? How hard can it be?


Along with many others, I will be cancelling my subscription if I don't receive a very strong explanation for this..

First of all ... I also think that the bug fix takes to much time


... but I also have a general question: For what kind of service are you paying? Do you pay for a music streaming service or for an app to scrobble?


I am new here and I signed in just a few weeks ago but what is more important? That you can hear the music you want or to scrobble?


Don't get me wrong - I also want this feature back, I also want to scrobble again with my iPhone - but I think the main feature of the app should be to stream music and sync the playlists so that I can hear the music I want.

"Do you pay for a music streaming service or for an app to scrobble?"



If you are a long time scrobbler like me or many other users here, everything you listen to goes onto your profile and has been for years, building up and awesome library of statistics. If you are anything like me, it's just not the same to listen to music without knowing it's scrobbling. It's almost a standard feature among music streaming services, I don't know of any that don't support scrobbling.

Truly pathetic service. They say they are working on it...but they refuse to give an eta. Another week? two? Months?

WTF is wrong with Spotify? I'll definately stop using and paying for Spotify Premium, if this isn't fixed by the end of my balling period.
Geez, why not give us the opportunity to download the older iOS version back on our phones? Since it's OBVIOUSLY so hard to fix this! We've been waiting a **bleep**ing week now :S all the scrobbles are probably gone....
Give us SOMETHING! Either the old app or the new app FIXED!

In the meantime, I've downgraded the app to the last version I had on my computer, which was 5.9. 


It fixes the issue, so I suggest doing the same. 


How to:

@MaxieWoxy wrote:

I'm as big of a Spotify fan as anyone, but having scrobbling down for days with NO update or NO ETA is unacceptable. 


If this is not fixed soon, I've got no problem jumping to Rdio.

You aren't the only one. If Spotiy doesn't fix this by the time my free premium preview with Rdio expires, then I will be shifting my paid subscription dollars to Rdio.

@Adam11 wrote:
I might try out Rdio actually. Their iOS app is horrible.

Rdio's iOS interface leaves much to be desired but at least it scrobbles correctly!

I don't know how good or bad Deezer's iPhone app is and if it scrobbles, but their web player scrobbles to natively, and in 2013 they offer free access to on-demand streaming in 180 countries now. Last but not least you could also try out the official app for iOS (available for free worldwide) and/or the iPhone app (available in US/UK/DE for 3 € per month for radio streaming) while you wait for the Spotify app to be fixed.


[Quick edit, please check guidelines]

Any new updates on this issue yet? Missing so many scrobbles :o(

No, it appears that Spotify do not care enough about this issue to let us know what is going on.

Come on!!

Rion , thanks  for that . It works exactly as stated and I now have scrobbling again .

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